Update: Samsung Galaxy Touch 10.1 2014 Edition: Sharper, Faster, Easier

Update (23.09.): The Bill 10.1 is now also officially and great features with sharp crisp display, Android 4.3 and S800 quad-core chip for the LTE – and octa-core chip for the Wi-Fi version are confirmed. The tablet should be and 561€ (EIA) in the Wi-Fi – and €683 (EIA) in the LTE version cost from October available.

The touch 10.1 got an all-around upgrade and shows at the IFA with flotterem processor, WQHD LCD and Android 4.3. Back in the leather design is kept as in note 3.

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LG G Pad 8.3: chic FullHD Tablet Unveiled

The G 8.3 pad comes in elegant casing and with brisk quad-core processor.Whether it has mobile phone on board, is not yet known.

With the LG G2 of the South Korean Group has an absolute top Smartphone already announced, now they send afterwards still an interesting flat computer G pad 8.3 with the LG. 8.3 inch tablet that should be in the fourth quarter (possibly around Christmas time) in black and white, but will be issued as the G2 on the IFA in Berlin (6-9-11).

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Google Nexus 5 With Android Key Lime Pie In October?

The next nexus 5 could be based on the LG G2 and be equipped with the next version of Android. A predatory pricing is expected again.

The next nexus smartphone so some rumors about himself. The Chinese by Our site
read in South Korean media about the alleged specs, which certainly have it in themselves. So will the Smartphone as its predecessor LG nexus 4 come from LG and based on their upcoming flagship, the LG G2 . It of only at certain points weaker than the high-end model should be equipped and yet again offered to the aggressive price of US$ 299 in the simplest version.

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Samsung ATIV Q: the Android 4.1-Windows 8-QHD +-Tablet

The ATIV Q not only has two operating systems in one, but also an ultra-high resolution screen. The device however has dropped in a characteristic.

If there would be a title for the “best device for the indecisive”, the would be Samsung ATIV Q would have great chances. Because it runs not only with Windows 8 as well as with Android 4.1, but serves also as a Tablet and Ultrabook at the same time. The display can be either set up or fold thanks to a special mechanism on the keyboard so that it comes in a flat state. Self behind the screen for presentations can be fold. Instead of a touchpad to control the mouse pointer in the keyboard mode the device much as at Lenovo (formerly IBM -) notebooks a trackball. The display itself is a touch screen that can be operated with a supplied S-pen stylus.

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Acer liquid S1: Cheap Mid-Range Smartlet Coming

The S1 can a huge 5.7 “display and an optional dual-SIM functionality at a low price offer. The missing LTE and the relatively small battery tarnish the image a little.

Already in June, you could a first look at the at the Computex in Taipei Acer liquid S1 throw the Smartlet at a press conference to introduce the Taiwanese. Now, it was announced that the device later this month in the German shops to wander. A reason for me, part of the closer look to imagine.

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Google Nexus 7.2: Faster, Leaner, Sharper

The nexus Tablet boasts FullHD display, Android 4.3 and large memory. For the first time, there is now also a 5-megapixel rear camera. The price has become slightly more expensive.

With the ASUS Google nexus 7 Google has a real budget Tablet boom last year triggered, quickly followed by the first Apple iPad mini and manufacturers also sent with the ASUS ASUS MemoPad 10 FHD least a top device in terms of value for money in the race.

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Google Nexus 4 From €199-Worth Buying?

Google has lowered the price of the nexus 4 to €100 and offered the Smartphone in the play store cheaper than ever. Should you look to now?

As the LG Google nexus 4 is came last November on the market, the customers so much that it was sold out within a short time pounced. Google delivery problems to create part made in the episode. The reason: The Smartphone built by LG had but no high end equipment and had reinvented also design technically not the wheel, but the fight price of € 299 for the 8 GB version made the device very attractive for those who wanted to spend time not nearly twice as much for for example a Samsung Galaxy S3 .

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Fatigue in Pregnancy: What’s Behind It And How You Will Back Up

“I wish I would be sleeping beauty, then I could sleep a long time”

Sleep, sleep, sleep the whole day only: the most pregnant women have this wish during the first three months. The famous fatigue in pregnancy is not just a rumour, but a reality.

Are to blame, how should it be otherwise, the hormones. The body is at the beginning of pregnancy head and produces lots of progesterone. This hormone soothes and is therefore the main cause for the fatigue. In the first weeks of pregnancy, the body does but also most work. He produced the placenta, making more blood and perhaps weakened by nausea. Also changed the metabolism and decrease blood pressure and blood sugar.

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Number of OS: Android Remains Superpower

Android’s market share is now running at nearly 80 percent, Apple defends position 2 loose. The remaining operating systems have only a very small market share.

Google Android is the measure of all things. As regards the distribution of Smartphone operating systems between April and June 2013, reached a market share of 79.3% the OS – one had managed 69.1% in the same quarter last year. This results in a recent study

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