Cuba Announces Its Own Wikipedia

The Cuban government launched on Tuesday its own version of Wikipedia, where you want to share his revolutionary vision of the world and history with sailors from around the globe. Given the name of ecured, the site comes with exactly 19,626 items in stock to date and “his philosophy is the development of knowledge with the democratizing objective and non-profit under a decolonization point of view,” according to palabras them posted on your home page – which, incidentally, is optimized to be opened in Mozilla Firefox. Continue reading Cuba Announces Its Own Wikipedia

Gmail for Android: Update Adds Support for Priority Inbox

The Google released a little while ago a new update of the app Gmail for Android. The main novelty of this version is improved support for Priority Case for users to continue spending 15% less time reading the messages you receive in your Inbox

Check out the list of features implemented in Gmail for Android 2.3.2:

  • Priority Inbox. Support for Priority Box has been improved with the right to display the most important items right away. And the user will still be able to view the markers relating to the importance of the message. With just one touch, you can also view tags for those messages. To complete, from now on you will have to set the phone to vibrate / play / give signal-to-smoke only when priority messages arrive in the inbox.
  • Answer emails. If an email has been sent to several people, you can select with the touch of a button if you want to reply only to the sender (“answer”) or will fill the inbox of everyone (“Answer everyone”).
  • Choose the account. In addition, the interface is now perfect for those who recently migrated to Gmail but has the address of old email configured in the Google service. This user can send messages as if they were from the previous email, directly in Gmail screen for Android.
  • Add comments. When we receive a very large, it is not difficult we answer the message punctuating topic by topic email, below the text originally received. From now on this will be possible in Gmail for Android because Google has added a tool that allows you to edit the original message body.

This version of Gmail for Android is only available for devices running Android 2.2 or higher. That is, almost no one.


British Government Puts Aircraft Carrier for Sale on Auction Site

auction sites are great sources of cheap products. Although the origin of the products depends on the honesty of the seller buyer usually they are sold at prices below the market. And we are very well served of such sites in Brazil. We have the Free Market, the tailpiece, the whole offer and so on. In the UK, the British government itself has its website specializing in this type of negotiation. And a curious item was placed yesterday to auction. Continue reading British Government Puts Aircraft Carrier for Sale on Auction Site

Apache Plans to Save From Extinction Google Wave

The death announcement of Google Wave happened just over three months ago. At the time the company assured that it would release the source code of the project open-source license with the name of the Wave in a Box, and provides its users a way to export the data that they put in the service. The data export was possible since last week, but there is no where to send this file yet. At least until the end Apache your version of Wave. Continue reading Apache Plans to Save From Extinction Google Wave

Apps of the User Will be Able to Log in to Other Google Services

Today most of the services Google depends on login, which is usually done with an (or any other linked to a Google Account, but the most common is to create just one Gmail and use for this). A change in the company’s infrastructure, however, will allow users of Google Apps start to access these services. Surely this is a move that will make life easier for many people.

Continue reading Apps of the User Will be Able to Log in to Other Google Services

We Tested: New Yahoo Mail on the iPad

The Yahoo launched on Tuesday (17) the new version of specially optimized webmail client for the iPad. I abandoned my Yahoo Mail in favor of Gmail’s been a few years but could not fail to see how was the new interface. How could it be, my main reference for comparison is, of course, the popular Gmail (in its version optimized for the iPad). Let the analysis.

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Small Changes That Should Make Life Easier User. Or Not.

A little over six months since the last change of the layout Orkut, the social network has released today for all new users but discrete design modifications. Unlike the previous one, the new presentation of the site is not as dramatic as well, being restricted only to some new buttons with old functions and better links organization. Continue reading Small Changes That Should Make Life Easier User. Or Not.