Huawei Mate S

Presented at IFA 2015, Huawei’s Mate is the new top range of the Chinese manufacturer, which has now gained the third place among companies of smartphones in the world. Mate S we used long Berlin during the event and we are ready now to tell you how it goes.

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics:

Huawei has distorted your architecture and in fact we have the usual Hi-Silicon proven Kirin 935 with Mali-T628 MP4 can offer excellent potential without exceeding in exaggerated consumption. This is not a particularly new or latest generation CPUS and Mate S is virtually identical to P8 since we also find 3 GB of RAM and a Full HD screen. Continue reading Huawei Mate S

Find Plus Size Evening Dresses

How times change, there are many different types of clothes that are acceptable for different events. When you are looking for evening dresses, you are probably looking for clothes that are more formal, and easier to wear for events taking place at night. No matter what dress size you need, it is important to find the right outfit for your needs.

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Makeup and Hair Trends

The Carnival 2016 is close and it is time to choose the makeup and hairstyles to be implemented to transform you into your favorite mask. Often for lack of inspiration we never know what to wear until the last moment and in the end you end up always wearing the same costumes Carnival, or the year before. Being still a few days earlier, we propose some new ideas to try, whether you participate in the course in disguise, or go to a party or you will limit a ride for locals, where sometimes no matter Tootal complete look, but simply the makeup and wigs. Very entertaining alternatives, personalized and truly original, here is the most beautiful:

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Makeup and Clothes for the Summer 2016

In the summer of 2016 the trend for makeup and clothes will please all types of women and tastes.

After all, fashion has variations for which all feel good.

In this new season that is already arriving, as well as colors, we have the lightness, the flowers, the jeans, transparencies, and more.

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The Xiaomi Mi 5 Gets Android Nougat with MIUI 8.2 in Its Chinese Version

With more than half a year since it was released, Android Nougat seems that It is taking pace in its expansion between the terminals that leave the factory with this version of the operating system and those who receive it. 2.8% of Android smartphones on the market today have nougat inside.

One of the manufacturers that still had not put batteries in bringing Nougat its terminals is Xiaomi, that had not upgraded any of their phones to Android 7. Luckily, Xiaomi Mi 5 is already receiving the expected OTA which brings quite a few changes between the system’s own and MIUI. Continue reading The Xiaomi Mi 5 Gets Android Nougat with MIUI 8.2 in Its Chinese Version

How To Choose Cell Phone Cover?

Hull Or Mobile Phone Cover? We Have To Choose

Covers and shells of phone are not banal accessories, these are essential for the protection of the phones accessories and they reflect your personality with colours to choose from very many references.

Various criteria are taken into account so that they perfectly meet the needs of users. Continue reading How To Choose Cell Phone Cover?

Tantouring Makeup Trend

Tantouring , in other words a natural-looking summer contouring and revolutionary and semi-permanent, that will make you spend much less time in front of the mirror. Here’s everything you need to know!

Pretty much everyone we know what is meant by countouring, a technique that the make up artist using to sculpt the face, soften the jaws and make it less visible imperfections and flaws, so a full and round particularly pronounced nose or face can turn into something else. The point is that this technique requires some dexterity, because the goal is, as always, look as natural as possible despite the layers of Earth and Foundation. Continue reading Tantouring Makeup Trend

LineageOS 14.1 Adds The Mode of Operation with One Hand

The screens of our phones are increasingly large While our hands remain the same size. The solution in most cases is to use two hands to handle the phone (or do so with enough care) but this is always possible: sometimes just a hand available for mobile.

The solution that some manufacturers have found is the mode of operation of a hand. When activated, the screen is resized to be smaller and allow you to reach all of its contents with a single hand. This function is present e.g. in Samsung devices and, now, also in LineageOS 14.1 builds. Continue reading LineageOS 14.1 Adds The Mode of Operation with One Hand