10 Common Mistakes to Put on Makeup (How to Avoid)

Exaggerate in coverage or choosing the wrong base tone may end up with your makeup. A few subtle details make all the difference in the time of make. Check out the most common errors and how to avoid them.

  1. Apply the bronzer on your face all

The idea is to leave the skin looking healthy and it doesn’t look like it’s been a brick in the face. To do this apply the bronzer just in high areas, those that are naturally more burned of Sun as the cheeks, forehead area near the root of the hair and the outline of the face.

  1. Test the basis of hands

Prove the base on the back of the hands may seem practical, but it makes you go around with a skin tone that is not your, since the color of the hand corresponds to the face. The test tone of the basis of the outline of the face.

  1. Posing for photos with translucent powder

It helps take the shine, but it doesn’t match the camera flash, which can reveal more than you should, as happened as Angelina Jolie. Prefer a transparent powder to white when the occasion requires pictures.

  1. Use only pencil in the contour of the lips

Apply the lipstick not only in outline, but around the lip. So your lipstick lasts longer and you don’t run the risk of sounding like she stepped out of a film in the years 1990.
5. Use waterproof mask every day

Let the mask of Cilia waterproof for a rainy day or when you need more length. Because they are difficult to remove you’ll end up losing a few eyelashes during cleaning.
6. Exaggerate on makeup

Instead of applying the base on the whole face, start at the Center, where it is normal to have more blemishes and skin imperfections. Already the powder can be used only in the areas of brighter, as in the T zone.
7. Use the eyelash curler after mask of Cilia
First bend the lashes and then apply the mask. Do the reverse process can break the wires.
8. Apply the makeup in the wrong lighting

Not too bright, not too dark. Look for a similar lighting with daylight time for makeup, so you avoid leaving home with too little or too much makeup. If you don’t have enough light worth take a look by the window to check if you’re not going to get out of the House with the stained face.

  1. Pump the brush mascara tube

“Pumping” the brush into the mask of Cilia will put more air into the tube and therefore ruin your mask faster.

  1. Do not remove the makeup

That everyone knows, but it is worth remembering. Sleep without taking off the makeup can clog pores, causing blackheads and pimples, not to mention how it ages the skin.