10 Tips to Hide the Extra Kilos in Swimsuit

Vacation yet don’t end and you’ll surely make a lightning trip to a beach or resort, but it bothers you, you have to put on a swimsuit for fear to be noticed much those extra pounds, but do not torture yourself, follow these small tips and enjoy the summer.

  1. not all are slender and with a body type model of Victoria´s Secret, but to look beautiful, even overweight, it is necessary to be happy with ourselves, remember that there the quality of the garment, but who carries it.
  2. before to buy a swimsuit, verifies that there is in dark colors: Blue Navy, oxford grey, black and to violet, these will help to conceal “the love handles”.
  3. the trend of this summer are long swimsuits, with them is accomplished to disguise wide hips.
  4. If you have a little double chin, ensures that the suit has a v-neck, so attention will focus on another area. Also looking for swimwear has wide straps, for your arms and back are not wider than they actually are.

5 use a swimsuit two colors, provided the print is in the part of the bust, and with a dark color from the waist down. This also helps highlight your attributes.

  1. If you want to pronounce the waist, it is advisable to take a tape of another color or other decoration on the waist. You can also choose a swimsuit with cut triangular sides, that will help you to create the illusion of a WaSP waist.

7 preference choose a swimsuit with geometric prints, only you will have to take care that clearer figures are to the Center and the lowlights on your sides, because you will achieve the same effect than in previous. Vertical lines will be the effect of a more elongated body, and therefore, a slimmer waist.

  1. If you want to wear a bikini, dare!, only cares that the underwear is high, i.e. to cover your belly, but not to the navel. The top should be the sporting, i.e. broad, so the chubby of your back won’t get out you.
    9. at present there is a tendency in Beach bathing suits in which the top looks like a bodice (with print on thin fabric, except in the area of the bust and flown, up to the side of the waist), with the advantage that the underwear can be normal or long, you decide.
  2. also there is another type of two-piece suits, the top is adjusted with sleeves, which, in addition to protecting you from the Sun, won’t get anything out of place.