11 Fashion Rules That You Can Look At In Trendy Street Styles

Just in the beginning of the month, I gave you a closer look at trendy fashion trends for the summer of 2016 with regard to color, fabrics and cuts. In today’s paper, we are dealing with a similar issue. However, this time we are not inspired by trends, but by the so-called street style, as can be seen daily on the street.

Provided you walk around the area with your eyes open, you are ready to get inspired. Partially also of things, which at first sight do not look interesting or stylish.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. “ -Coco Chanel

  1. Let it appear easy.

Unlike street dresses and tuxedos, the Street Style always appears effortless based on fashionissupreme.com. Say, this looks as if it is done without great effort and a lot of time in the finished. In order to achieve this style it is sometimes not necessary to be 100% dressed perfectly. Say, the clothes may be crumbling, which is not to say that the clothes should not be clean. The main idea behind this is that you should not think too much about your style. Just doing it is the motto.

  1. Put On A Color From Head To Toe.

Let’s take a look at a suit, which is based on different elements, such as: a jacket, a vest, a tie, a shirt, a suit, etc. If the pieces of clothing are selected in sound, a great style is achieved. So I am of the opinion that different shades of gray can harmoniously harmonize with each other.

  1. Use Prints Strategically And Bravely In Your Outfit.

Looking at a wide variety of feminine looks, one quickly realizes that prints are used in all forms – sometimes more than necessary, but that is another topic. As a man you should tackle the topic of prints more specifically. This is not about shining with as many prints as possible. On the contrary, setting accents is fine. To maintain a certain understatement. For example, it is recommended to put on a blazer with print and keep the rest of the outfit rather neutral. The above street style show how it goes.

  1. The Right Seat Is Crucial.

Exceptionally I do not mean the seat at the edge of a basketball game. Here is the seat of your own clothing. Why should you be on the road with bad clothes? There is not really a reason for this. So be sure to choose the right size when you’re shopping, use the range of clothing manufacturers or look for a tailor to help you customize your clothing.

  1. Dancing From The Row Is Ok.

You do not have to take your own style too seriously, quite the opposite, a little humor is usually quite good to your own look. So you can put on small accents, which one does not expect an outfit first. Think of the gray tone in tone look of the second tip, combined with bright green socks. Great, right?

  1. A High-Quality Suit Is A Reasonable Investment.

At least since in my wardrobe a tailor-made suit of Kuhn Maßkonfektion depends, I’m sure that every man should have such a suit to hang in their own closet. And even on the street is a suit of the perfect to you fits the looks, promised! Street style elegant so to speak.

  1. A Suit Is Not Just A Suit.

On the contrary, a suit is always a jacket and a suit jacket. Both can, of course, be collected, but also combined with other pieces make pants and jacket a good figure. For example, you can combine your jacket with a pair of jeans. Or wear a chic polo shirt on your suit.Everything is possible. Accessories such as cufflinks, elegant wristwatches, etc. can be easily integrated into everyday styles.

  1. Little Things Make Up The Big Picture.

It does not always have to be the loud scream that draws attention, sometimes even a whisper. Transferred to street style, you can say that a pair of socks with an interesting print, a stylish handkerchief or a few chic cufflinks attract more attention than a T-shirt with all-overprint.

  1. Jeans+White T-Shirt-Sometimes You Do Not Need Anymore

A man in the suit is in most cases nice to look at. But honestly, a reasonable, well-fitting white T-shirt in combination with a stylish jeans sometimes makes a lot more. So why get the suit out of the closet when the jeans with T-shirt look just as good?

  1. A Great Pair Of Sneakers Suit Everything.

Surely, selected accessories contribute to a successful outfit. But an outfit stands and falls with his shoes, but this does not necessarily have to be lace-up or elegant men’s shoes to convince. With a few simple, sporty sneakers you always have the right pair of shoes on your feet. Promised! In addition, you can also use these to set specific color accents in your own style.

  1. Hats-The Under-Appreciated Accessory.

Something about which you can certainly argue is the subject hats for everyday outfits. Some of them simply rock this accessory in the daily street style outfit, others look at it differently. Therefore, my tip, simply try different times hats and who knows, maybe you are one of them. Either way, a casual companion in everyday life. Will be seen in the future.