12 Ways How to Use Midi Skirt

The midi skirt is the star of the season, however, is still a bit difficult to be seen in the Brazilian street style and has a reason: I know that you don’t have the courage to use! It’s really hard to get up the courage to use a piece that is not part of our clothing for many years, even more because it’s a “long taboo”-the little ones think they are going to be flattened and the highest think ages.

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That’s why I separated 12 ways of how to use midi skirt for you look like a woman elegant, cool and fashionista at the same time! Everything depends on the type of midi skirt you choose, the example of the photo above is very different, the tone of Turquoise left look cheerful, but note that it took a dare on my blouse emblazoned, in sandal burgundy and orange bag.

+++ Look of the day black & white with Midi Skirt.

All right, I know that for a first look you won’t be risking so much, but think like this: if it worked with so many colors, shapes and accessories will work with you! Come see more inspirations!

The black & white is infallible, the best combination to test a piece that we’re not used to it. The pattern of the skirt lengthened silhouette, because she’s not too long. With the cropped top scored well the waist and was measured at the same time.

A good idea to not invest in midi skirt right off the bat is a dress that you already have that length and bet on a blouse on top, this tstyling ruque works great in winter sweaters and wool sweaters. With Leopard and sandal Paste statement is even more cool!

Still in line with long-sleeved blouses, knitted or Sweatshirt also form a harmonious combination–that way you can bet on chess and bold colors without fear!

And if you bought a super shiny skirt, stamped and … Pink?! Easy, not to Miss bet on Black at the time of production, secure the hair so you don’t have too much information and if you want a bit of daring, colorful bag.

And if the pattern is in p & b you can also bet on all black–a tip to give a color point is to bet on the nails and lipstick red !

And when the midi skirt is black everything becomes party–you can dare on color of shoes and bet on tops with prints petit for inside the waistband of the skirt and the cintinho thin is beautiful and very mark the skyline.

To get to la Parisienne the Red skirt is the most interesting piece! It’s bold, stylish and just combine with a striped shirt to be fine baby-and look, midi skirt doesn’t age!

Another look cool with skirts in fluid fabrics, even asymmetrical with geometric sweatshirt and the famous mules who returned with everything-you can’t be more cosmopolitan.

And do not think it takes a lot of volume in midi, the righteous models look great with cropped top and structured jackets, well cat see ballad!

The wave of polka dots, the idea is to dare in accessories like sandal in animal print, you get basic and stylish.

Finally, if you have not yet created the guts go black and nude, the combination is even more current than white pieces, is super cool. With so many ideas worth investing in your first midi skirt huh?!


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