2016 Sunglasses, Models, Prices

Adored by men and women, the sunglasses are essential in any season, but it’s in the summer that they are more present, especially in time to go to the beach, the club or for any type of outdoor leisure.

And this interesting gadget also serves to hide dark circles and conjunctivitis, and protecting the eyes of other strong light sources and that can disrupt the vision in the most varied situations.

2016 Sunglasses, Models, Prices

Among the models of sunglasses 2016, mirrored glasses still with everything this year, doing a lot of success with women and men. Be green, blue lens, silver, pink or yellow, this version is here to stay, combining with looks more robbed.

The sunglasses with colored frame are another big bet for the season, especially in the summer. To use them, the trick is to match the color of the frame with the tones of the costumes, and one of the most used by women is the red frame.

How To Choose The Ideal Sunglasses

Classic and always in fashion, the Aviator sunglasses is also among the 2016 sunglasses trends, combining with almost any outfit. All eyes are also on sunglasses kitten. The very style adopted on the catwalk, arrived with full force on the street, but requires care in choice, because of the huge frames usually have.

And we can’t forget the round sunglasses, a good choice for anyone who loves vintage style. Available in various sizes, these templates are great for both visuals more classic and modern looks and bold.

How Much Do They Cost

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The sunglasses prices vary widely, depending on the model, brand and lens format, among other features. In General, you can find simpler models, but still interesting, costing between R $100 and R $200. Already the models of famous brands can cost over R $1,000.

The hint to find cheap sunglasses is to search on the internet by visiting the online stores of the manufacturers and also using discount coupons.

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