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You must choose an iPhone 4 or iPad?

These are the two leading units in the mobile industry. These gadgets are supporting some really unique features which are not available in some other units. Below is a comparison of the two most talked about Apple devices this year.

Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPad.
The iPad is a mini PC. This device can do everything that a PC can do. That is why the iPad heavy. It weighs approx. 680 grams (730 grams for the 3 g version) while the iPhone 4 only weighs 137 grams. Both use the 3 g network.

But the connection shows that the iPhone is much better than the iPad, since iPad uses iPhone OS 3.2, iPhone 4 using IOS 4. Both are equipped with an Apple A4-prosessor. Why do they work with an incredible speed of 1 GHz.

The batteries on these gadgets are worth mentioning. iPhone battery gives 300 hours on standby time and 7 hours of talk time. iPad winner, however, here, as it offers a month of standby time and 10 hours of talk time.

When it comes to the screen as have the iPad a better screen which measures 9.7 inches. The screen has a capacity touch screen. On the other side has the iPhone 4 a TFT touch screen which measures the capacity 3.5 inches.

When you decide for one of these devices, you must also have the best available accessories. Songaah offers quality iPhone accessories and iPad accessories at the lowest prices.

iHome iW1 AirPlay Wireless Speaker

Do you want to enjoy the music from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad anywhere? Try iW1 AirPlay wireless speaker! iW1 AirPlay is the first battery-powered system on the market.

iHome iW1 Speaker

iHome iW1 is iPod, iPhone and iPad accessories that stand out from most speakers on the market. The good side of this is that the speaker has the ability to play audio from any iOS device wirelessly, and you can wear the loudspeaker from room to room without having to connect it to a wire.

iHome iW1 has a modern design, and it is an elegant implementation of Apple’s AirPlay technology. With this unit, you can also charge your Apple device and play back via USB or connect almost any audio player via an aux input.

At you can find a wide range of audio accessories: iPad dock, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 dock, iPhone speakers, etc.

Here’s a little handy gadget for the summer

Today we present a little Gizmo that can make your everyday life easier in the summer. Whether you are on a journey or who are too hot at home or in the Office, it is good to have it with

Summer heat at the Office-get yourself a range

There are easier ways to survive the summer heat of gadget at digopaul.

We are looking forward to summer, but sometimes it becomes simply too hot. Maybe you’re a trip South and there is too hot in the room? Or maybe there is too hot on your work. There is a good solution to it:)

Double Blade USB Range

It is very easy to use the practical USB range: end the just to the USB output on your PC or laptop, and you get immediately a invigorating and refreshing breeze. Double Blade USB range measures approximately 9.5 cm in diameter, so it’s easy to put it on the table, nattbordet or in your lap or thigh, if you are on the train with your laptop … USB range has two engines and two gadgets range leaves so that you can always rely on it if you need to cool a little.

Xperia Play GPS – Smartphone to Games from Sony Ericsson

Android smartphone, with 4 inch touch screen, stereo sound and really good buttons for games

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is a smartphone with Android (2.3 Gingerbread), a 3.2 megapixel camera, Turbo 3 g, GPS and memory cards (acronyms terms). It has a 4″ capacitive touch screen and Snapdragon GPU.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY

Thanks to GPRS receives Xperia Play information faster than traditional GSM mobile phones. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play also supports WiFi so it’s neat easy to connect to a wireless network and surf easier than ever. From Android Market you can download applications and make the Xperia Play even more personal.

The graphics on the Xperia Play is incredible and the phone offers great stereo sound and dedicated keys for gaming.


Model: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Dimensions: (HxDxB) 119mm x 16 mm x 62 mm
Weight: 175 g

Monster Beats by Dr. Dre headset

Touch screen: 4. ”

Talk time – 6.5 hours
Standby time – 413 hours

Communication and connections:

PC Sync: Yes
Video capability: Yes
SMS/MMS/Email/Web Browser: Yes
3 g/WiFi/Bluetooth: Yes
USB support: 2.0

Operating system:
Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Autofocus: Yes
Led Flash
5.1 Megapixel

There are many reviews of Xperia Play. Our overall impression is 10 out of 10.

Xperia Play Accessories:

Here are a few words about accessories for Xperia Play, which can be found on our website:

1. Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Stereo Headset – use earphones, headset or Bluetooth headset in order to get the best out of the sound of music, games and videos.
2. Sandisk Micro SD TransFlash memory card-16 GB-you can expand the memory of your phone, thanks to this smart memory card.
3. StarCase Protective Film for Sony Ericsson Xperia Play – ready – 3 PCs. – protects the touch screen of your phone in an effective and almost invisible way.

Samsung Smart TV 75ES9090

Samsung has unveiled its 75ES9090 on Thursday at a previous event of the IFA in Berlin. People now know a little with Samsung, the first number for the diagonal. Crisp 75 inches, almost 2 metres, so.

But anyway the TV comes with everything you need or might need. 3D image of shutter ability, language and gesture control, as well as a built-in Skype are camera on board. Of course the TV next to the place in the living room, costs a lot. Around €7,000 should be spent for this.

But the new audio deck should be just as great as the TV, according to area codes explorer. Of course it is equipped with what you could wish. By push of a button combines it with the Samsung TVs, has connections for Apple and Android devices, and supports also the obligatory airplay.

The Right Watch for You

Agency has always had a very special status. All rich men walking with a very large watch, most young men going with a little more kinky clock and some slightly alternative men choose a little alternative watches such as binary watches.

One can very well argue that the agency actually does not have its status any longer, given that people are all running around with a cell phone in pocket. It is also true. But the agency has today a completely different function than to show you what time it is.

You have the opportunity to buy them here. Whether it will be one or the other is not the most important; just you remember that a clock is an obvious way to raise awareness about you. Especially with the girls.


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iPhone 6 comes on 9. September? Here are rumors and specs!

Apple will launch their new iPhone (6) 9. September 2014, according to Re/code. Today we write about rumors and news about Apple’s next flagship.

Will iPhone 6 become larger and come in two versions?

Most rumors underlines the size of iPhone 6 ‘s screen, and everyone expects that the screen will be even greater. Remember that Apple did iPhones screen 0.5 inch bigger (from 4.5 to 5 inch) since they launched the iPhone 5.

Many say that Apple is planning to launch 2 iPhone 6 models in two sizes: one with a 4.7-inch screen, and the other with a 5.5-inch screen. But perhaps the larger model, which is considered as a phablet, launched a little later than in september because of production difficulties.

Both models will have a high pixel density (416 dpi when it comes to 4.7-inch version, and 365 dpi when it comes to the second version).

Even stronger display: Get iPhone 6 get sapphire glass?

iPhone 6 saphir glass

According to the rumors, the latest iPhone get a “Saphir” screen. And this screen withstands (almost) everything! Here you can read more about Pat Saphir-glass and see prom video.

iPhone Air?
Part of the rumors tells that one of the two versions of the iPhone 6 will be called iPhone Air – probably the biggest. Would it not have been nice with such a phablet from Apple?
Finally, you can check out how iPhone 6 will appear, according to TechRadar, which published this image which apparently was sent by an Apple beta tester:

A leaked image of the iPhone 6

Do you think that the latest iPhone 6 is going to look like this? Do you like to the screen might get bigger?  When Did the iPhone Come Out? See all answers on internetdict.

Korean Based LG Launches LG G2 Lite and LG L Prime

LG has unveiled two new Android phones on its Brazilian Web site ( – LG G2 Lite and LG L Prime. These two seem to be different versions of LG L Fino and LG L Bello.

LG G2 Lite

LG G2 Lite has a 4.5-inch IPS display, a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, and a pixel density of 207ppi. The Interior has the is a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, and is supported by 1 GB of RAM, and 4 GB of memory. Your phone has an 8-megapixel camera and a VGA front camera. The device runs Android 4.4 KitKat and comes with 2 g and 3 g connectivity, Wi-Fi and FM radio. Like LG G2 has the some interesting software features that Knock Code and Quick Selfie.

LG L Prime

LG L Prime is slightly larger than the G2 Lite, with a 5-inch IPS display. The solution is the same as at G2 Lite, but pixel density is lower – 196ppi. This phone runs Android 4.4 KitKat and has a 1.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm processor. When it comes to memory, you get 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of built-in memory (expandable), and the cameras are a little better. It also has an 8-megapixel main camera that can record 720 p video, and a 1.3-megapixel front camera. Connection options are the same.

LG G2 Lite has a 1, 820mAh battery, and is available in white, black and gold, while LG L Prime has a 2, 460mAh battery, and are available in white, titanium and gold.

Is one of them, perhaps your next mobile?

Buy Dinnerware Sets Online

Dinnerware sets for every occasion. There are countless opportunities for a dining table covered with special dinnerware sets (for what is dinnerware, see A romantic dinner for two, a casual birthday round or visiting the in-laws. Here you will find the matching dinnerware sets, so your dining table is always appropriately covered for the occasion. You will find a huge selection of over 80 articles of many well-known brands. There is something for every taste and in every price range, whether you are looking for coffee, table, or combination sets.

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iPhone Automatically Upload Photos

Smartphone is art! The artist Johannes Osterhoff who now publicly shows his iPhone is apparently with this view. As soon as Osterhoff presses the home button, his cell phone automatically takes a screenshot and uploads it.

Interesting concept, which of course cannot be avoided, telephone numbers and other data are uploaded. About the artist’s show, you apparently but certainly do not need to be worried, and it’s art after all.