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Top 8 Simple Decorated Nails

In addition to the French manicure, there are other ways to show off simple decorated nails, if you want to give a different touch to your nails the first step is a good manicure home and then choose one of these nails decorated to show off a perfect hands.

8. Nail colors

A Basic for simple decorated nails is the color can choose one or several colors for your nail fashion, is a bold, youthful and fun decor.

7. Decals

Whether wall or not color, you can choose different stickers for nails decorated in a simple way, if you apply color will look much better, but if you are looking for something more natural with a layer of gloss will look perfect.

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Less Bra Beneficial Than We Thought!

They have always told us that this undergarment is the best tool to keep firm our chest, but recent research shows just the opposite.

One of the things that we love to do when I get home is get rid of secured r, and thus make way for comfort after using it a whole day. However many women feel regret spending too long without it, and some more extreme use it even to sleep .

And, always, we have heard that the use of bra helps prevent our chest to fall prematurely, offering support and also allowing a sensual look neckline. But science now shows that our beliefs were apparently very wrong.

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The Perfect Bra For You

As is the case with our garments, when choosing a bra must seek above all comfort and safety. A bad choice can pose risks to the health of our chest. Then we reveal the keys to succeed in the pursuit of bra perfect. Roces and itchy skin, muscle pain in the back, chest discomfort …. These are only some of the possible consequences of a bad choice of our bra. The chest is an area of the body to which we pay great attention and give special care. Therefore, it is more important than bet on the functionality rather than fashion or design of a pretty bra, especially if you have a hearty chest.

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Sexy Lingerie by Agent Provocateur

Looking lingerie for fall? Although there is still some summer and have to use it , we always like to go looking at the autumn news that we will be able to acquire to renew the wardrobe for the new season. And of course do not forget the underwear, because it is well known that some beautiful undergarments make us feel secure about ourselves. The firm Agent Provocateur knows well, and therefore always has very sensual and feminine lingerie.

Proposals for the new season are packed with great detail with garters, satin, lace and especially a lot of variety. Because this is a firm that creates collections that will be a reference for other, daring with all kinds of garments lingerie.

The black will always be present in the collections of lingerie, and that is a basic, mysterious and perfect for evening color, we all have in our closet. Rich lace pieces appear in many forms, from balconette bras to more current, with halter neck.

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The Angel Of Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Poses Elsa Hosk Halloween

Victoria’s Secret is preparing for his next show , in December, as well as Halloween night. The scariest holiday of the year is here, and the signing of lingerie took the opportunity to present their proposals lookbook lingerie for October 31. And what better to do it with one of their recent signings, the Swedish model Elsa Hosk.

The model 26 was chosen a few months ago as one of the new angels of Victoria’s Secret. And the very Elsa Hosk explained in an exclusive interview what it means for her to become one of the ambassadors of the famous lingerie firm. Judge him yourselves in the video! I advised that the video is in English.

The bodies are the main star of this signature collection to be sexy on Halloween. The Swedish model poses in suggestive and provocative attitude, with some of the bodies and sets in shades like red for this year. The knickers with thematic messages Halloween are other new this lookbook which she stars.

If you want to disguise of sexy kitties , you can do with bodies such as the model looks in this photo shoot. The print web is another of the star prints for the collection of clothes from Victoria’s Secret for Halloween.  All items in the collection they are intended for the scariest night of the year, and to disguise it us with provocative bodies or diabolic corsets. Characters like the angel and the devil are more than present in this collection, which wants us not forget the lingerie tonight as magical and special.

Boing Black – the Smartphone, Which Destroys Itself

Boeing is now not just aircraft, but also for smartphones. Not any. The Smartphone Boing Black of the aircraft manufacturer is secure and can destroy itself.

According to the NSA Abhörsandal the demand is skyrocketed after secure phones in the population. In addition to a few others, now large American aircraft manufacturer Boeing supplies the market with an own Smartphone where is NSA and co. to bite out the teeth. The Smartphone Boing Black is characterized due to data security. Two things should particularly characterise the Boing Black Smartphone according to US media reports and make it a real agent Smartphone: firstly the Boing Black Smartphone should be secure and encrypt calls. On the other hand it can destroy even, if someone tries to crack the Smartphone. The Boing Black Smartphone recognizes when to create data thieves and enemy Spies on the housing sealed with epoxy resin of the Smartphone is and settles itself out of action, before it reveals secrets and deletes all stored data – so a bit, as we know it from the mission impossible movies. The Otto ordinary consumer mobile users can not satisfy probably still his need for more security during a telephone conversation with the secure Boing wholesale Smartphones: Boing wants his Boing Black Smartphone namely not to guys sell, but only to government authorities in the field “Defense and homeland security” – right agents so.

The Boing Black Smartphone should be built in the United States, be slightly bigger than an iPhone and run with the operating system Android by Google. A dual SIM function should also have the Boing Black Smartphone. What Boing Black it will cost and when it comes on the market, is not yet known. Or maybe secret?

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USB Stick for Smartphones – Dashdrive Durable UD320

USB Stick for Smartphones

DashDrive durable UD320 USB stick for smartphones.

The DashDrive durable UD320 USB stick for Smartphones has a micro-USB connector as most smartphones and Tablet PCs. This way you can connect him not only on the computer, but also on his cell phone. This new USB stick for smartphones endures but also a lot: he is shock-resistant and waterproof – and very interesting for those who want to store their data in a cloud don’t like or constantly perform backups on the PC.

ADATA has announced durable UD320 its first USB stick for smartphones with “USB OTG” technique with the DashDrive. With this technology, mobile phones and tablets can act as host so that you can connect USB flash drive directly to the data transfer to mobile devices, without that you need a cable for this. According to ADATA durable UD320 with the USB stick DashDrive immediately access to the data stored on the phone, also backups of the data are possible with this USB stick for smartphones. In addition, the DashDrive has a standard USB port durable UD320 – so you at home can copy easily his data from the cell phone on his desktop PC.

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Instagram: With the Correct Photo Tips for More Likes

The social network Instagram lives mainly by the rain participation of its members and of the number of photos that are published there. Target is like in all the social networks to attract, likes and follower to get attention with own contributions. Her scores on the net with the following tips.

Before published a picture on Instagram, each user should consider exactly what he wants to say the community thus. No matter whether it is a snapshot of a party or an elaborately wrought after image – the image is first published, will meet with recognition or rejection of it.

Topic Pages Attract Fans

Many likes often get images on pages dealing with a particular topic. Who cares, for example, street art, can inspire other fans of this art form by a microsite and will receive many likes. Watch just in topic pages to publish new photos, to the interest of the follower aufrechzuerhalten at regular intervals.

Pay Attention to the Quality of the Images

The quality of images is crucial for the number of likes–snapshots from the last trip on the sea should therefore fulfil a minimum standard. No one can be impressed finally with pixelated or blurred photos. Publish only photos that look good. Images represent an exception, which are original or have captured an emotional moment – such photos can have quiet small imperfections.

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Cell Phone Tips: Take Photos with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera

Shooting with the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera offers many opportunities to provide images of the Smartphones with special functions such as “Nice portrait” or “Drama” with effects. Also panoramic images are possible at a low setting when shooting. In addition, access to the camera from the lock screen is considerably simplified. With a little practice, any users of the Smartphones can make thus striking snapshots.

Camera from the Lock Screen Start and Take Full Advantage of

Often, it is important that the camera of smartphones can be started directly for fast shooting. The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is callable from the lock screen. Enabled to do this under “settings |” My device | Lock screen”the option”More widgets”. Then calls the “lock screen widgets” and activated the switch of the option “Camera”. Now taps you on the menu item “Camera”, select “Camera” and stores the operation. If you’ve mastered this somewhat complicated path, you can wipe from the lock screen in the upper half of the screen to the left and directly launch the camera app.

To fully exploit the performance of 13 megapixels of the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera, open the camera app, press the menu button and select “settings |” Resolution”. Enables the option of 4128 x 3096, to take advantage of the full resolution there. But there are the photos in this setting in the 4:3 format – so a processing rule is inevitable.

Use Special Functions and Effects of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera

Shooting with the S4 camera Samsung Galaxy is particularly easy with functions such as, for example, “nice portrait”: the Smartphone camera software automatically detects faces when photographing and edited them with photo-realism. This wrinkles and imperfections in the image disappear and the skin looks smoother.

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With Car Play Apple Introduces the iPhone in the Car

The iPhone is mobile with car play. Car play, the new Apple system for the car, premiere in the vehicles by Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Ferrari celebrates these days. With car play, iPhone users in the car via voice command or with a touch can call someone through cell phone, listen to music, access to messages or use card services.

At the Geneva Auto show, which opens this weekend, the first cars be equipped with vehicle models from Volvo, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz, with car play by Apple. Already last year Californians on the WWDC Developer Conference had introduced the system of car play as “iOS in the car”. More manufacturer – them BMW, Toyota, General include motor, Honda, Peugeot Citroen – to follow and also fit to be made for car play. The Wolfsburg Volkswagen Group does not count to the partners by Apple’s car play, the company relies on the technology of MirrorLink of car connectivity Consortium (CCC).

Car play is available as an update of iOS 7. The system car play with lightning-based iPhones – these include the iPhone 5, iPhone 5 C and the iPhone 5S. So car play works: the iPhone user controls the system car play through the user interface of his car or he activated the Siri Assistant service, by pressing the voice control button on the steering wheel. With car play you can while driving phone call, listen to music and select songs or access to news services. Car play to can make but also the route planning easier and access on Apple’s card service.

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