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Cycling Vest and Test 2016

Bike Jerseys have a great importance in cycling. Whether the world famous Maillot Jaune, the leaders jersey in the Tour de France, or the traditional pink-colored camisole the leader of the Giro: Every amateur cyclists has ever dreamed of being allowed to slip over one of these legendary jerseys. But for the normal mortal amateur cyclists among us this goal is probably unfortunately far away, even if some tireless Radler might still calculate chances. But even with a chic, possibly individually developed, Cycling Vest, you can impress with your friends and girlfriends and on top of that stand out from the crowd. Follow Internetiest to see cycling water bottles.

So if you feel the urge again, on your bike, mountain bike or cross bike to set to feel the wind, be sure to read our compact bike jersey guide, so that you are perfectly equipped. In less than two minutes you will learn everything important about design, materials, fit and Co. Because applies especially when the equipment: Do not leave anything to chance!

1. The most beautiful design

Basically, the design of a bike jersey is a matter of taste. One may prefer classic white jerseys, the other is more on gaudy neon colors. It is for everyone with hundreds of manufacturers nowadays the right things. One option that has emerged thanks to the Internet in recent years, is the individual design of your bike jerseys. More and more cyclists use with enthusiasm this opportunity to design your jersey to your special presentation by.

The simplest and probably fastest option is the online configuration. With just a few clicks you choose here as a customer of many different designs that suit, and can customize it by changing the color or adding / removing logos and writings adapt to your individual ideas. Your developed design will then, depending on how the software configurator, either stored or transmitted directly to the manufacturer. In this way you can quickly and easily to your individual cycling jersey.

To those whom this method still too lacking in individuality, the blank templates from many different manufacturers are warmly recommended. You can play on a completely white original, and let your creativity run wild. Your advantage: So, extraordinary, personal wishes can best be used. In return, however, you need (from 50 to 200 euros partly) expected one-time fees, since the reaction on the part of the manufacturer is extremely complicated.

2. The optimal material

Basically, bicycle jerseys should be made ​​of breathable material made ​​so you do not overheat while biking because of the physical exertion. Many shirts are made ​​of an elastic material that adapts to the movements of the cyclist and tight against the body nowadays. For many cyclists an absolute hit, for others a horror. Our tip: Try out for yourself if you are comfortable with a tight-fitting bodice go.

Furthermore should zip his grip on your bike jersey both good and on the other hand can also be open wide. Especially if you slightly thicker Cycling gloves harm, opening your zipper can otherwise become a pesky fumbling.

Who likes to wear smaller items such as energy bars, keys or the like on a cycling tour with him, should also pay attention that the pockets offer plenty of storage space on the back of cycling jersey. You should also fit when loaded unnecessarily alter or restrict.

3. The right fit

The most important factor, however, you need to consider when buying your shirts, is the fit. For outstanding material and the best equipment to help you nothing if your bike jersey constantly slipping, flapping in the wind your sleeve or collar of the cold can not stop. We therefore recommend, if you do not buy online, always try on several models and sizes. Because apparently “equal” Sizes run with different manufacturers often completely different

4. Special features of Winter Bike Jerseys

Every biker knows the feeling: After a long, long winter finally out in the sun and from his bike. What this often makes us a spanner in the works, is the often cold weather. But with the right long sleeve cycling jersey you are optimally prepared for these conditions:

Always ensure that the long sleeve snug against your body and thus the layer between jersey and undershirt is as small as possible. Just cold-sensitive people should not to an undershirt without. Furthermore, the bicycle jersey should have in winter a long held back section to optimally protect against possible splashing. The sleeves and the collar should be long enough to keep you from the often freezing cold wind.

The placement of the bags on your bike long-sleeved shirt is hand, due to the thicker material, more complicated. Here the bike bags should be large enough so that you still get comfortable with thicker bike gloves to your utensils.

5. Conclusion: cycling jersey

Finding the right bike jersey, is actually a fairly simple task if you follow our guide. The first, second and third priority should always be the fit. For even such a beautiful design can give you your frustration do not take if your shirt has slipped over the past five to ten times and on top of that freeze still to death. Set priorities so right: fit must always go beyond design!

Yoga for Kids

Choose a sport or discipline is right for our children can be difficult. If you bet on a healthy growth, a greater concentration and mental and physical performance and a certain amount of calm, however, the choice becomes easy: Yoga! We explain why.

Yoga practiced since piccolini brings a great deal of mental and physical benefits in growth of children with proper yoga mats. In particular, learn, since I was young, relaxation techniques, door to face life’s challenges with greater ease and strength. Yoga, in fact, promotes the growth of self-esteem and body awareness, thanks to a form of physical activity that is non-competitive but that promotes cooperation and introspective ability. Yoga is a great gift to make for our children. Continue reading Yoga for Kids

Smartwatch, 50% of the Market to Apple Watch

According to research firm IDC, over the next four years Apple will sell part of its market share of the smartwatch to other platforms such as Android Wear, Tizen and Pebble OS. Since the launch of Apple’s Watch, the Cupertino company has reached a share of 75.5% in the last quarter.

IDC predicts that WatchOS in 2016 will fall to 49.4% to 37.6% in 2020 touch. The research firm estimates that global shipments of wearable reaches 237.1 million units in 2020, up from the 110 million estimated for 2016. Continue reading Smartwatch, 50% of the Market to Apple Watch

Yamamay Swimwear Shop

A few days ago we saw the new collection of plus size swimwear legalarmist for spring summer 2010, as the collection is very broad we see individually the most important lines. The swimsuit choice is very important, perhaps even more so than that of the clothes and accessories, because the ones we need to cover, sometimes little but still to cover, the costumes rather not corpre anything, and then with a few centimeters of cloth we must enhance our strengths and look away from our defects. Continue reading Yamamay Swimwear Shop

Outdoor GPS for Hiking & Camping

With the GPS navigation device to hike

What for a long time in the car belongs to the standard equipment, now also comes in the outdoor area greatly in fashion. A GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation device has arrived at many hikers. The navigation by satellite replaces trekking and hiking watching navigation with map and compass. This makes it almost impossible to get lost in unknown ways. GPS devices can, however, much more than to only determine their own location. With the new navigation equipment for hiking can be before the tour any waypoints, enter, can be run by those along. It is meanwhile possible to choose based electronic cards from home in a completely unknown country a suitable distance and to explore this later. Despite all the advantages that brings such a useful tool with them, there are always disadvantages. One of these drawbacks is that the satellite link may suddenly lost or the battery is not sufficient for the way back. To such a dangerous situation not to be helpless, a GPS navigation device in addition to the Mastery orientation to map and compass should always only be the third option, which is used as an aid to navigation. Visit  loverists for sleeping bag buying guide.

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Classic Halloween Costumes for Adults

Cartoon characters, pop figures, creatures and demons – the choice of costume for Halloween is so diverse. But we suggest you go back to basics when it all started with witches, ghosts and monsters.
This time we have selected some of the classic outfits, which can occur at Halloween. These are characters from legends and stories in which the entire festival Halloween is based. They are still the most attractive and most worn because there are thousands of options to transform a scary character. Check out 20 ideas for a Halloween costume and decide finally whether this year will have a vampire, witch or zombie.

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Marc Jacobs Swimwear

The summer will also be far away, but not for big brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs that starts to make us feel the warmth in the air and the desire to party with one of the most beautiful models swimsuits for next summer 201.Ok , maybe the cold these days there just makes us think of summer, but if given a second closer look at this model, in my opinion will change your mind! In the end we are talking about an idea born from the creative inspiration of the genius of Marc Jacobs, he could not fail to be fabulous! Continue reading Marc Jacobs Swimwear

Cool Scary Halloween Costumes Ideas

Appropriate Scary costumes each year requires precision and premeditation. After the final decision on the image must comply corresponding makeup and hairstyle that will complement the outfit and complete character whose identity will steal the evening.
Zombies, skeletons, fairy tale characters with scary masks and accessories or images of the iconic film characters – the possibilities are endless. But whatever you choose, do you creepy and at a level not forget to have fun during the whole process.

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The Favorite Sexy Lingerie Men

Women love it when lingerie is sexy, flirtatious and glamorous. What about the people? It is known, men prefer women with no bra. But what kind of men love sexy lingerie? What are the women who are under the plan? Examples of underwear for women who will not turn upside down the partner.

Yes, the string

Some men like women who have a string wear instead cotton panties. Others, like a nice shaped rear Boxer seen in the tip. To put your faith wearing a string or boxer, depending on your clothing. You can also seduce your partner with the charm of a red C-string or the audacity of a leopard thong. Do not put the tip and your curves!

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What Maternity Clothes to Buy

Pregnancy is a special time in which the mother but no need to feel bad. Yes during the 9 months of pregnancy have it to give up a lot to have a special diet to naspiva, and to devote much care for your body to keep it in shape.

The selection of maternity clothing is also something that should not be overlooked. Hearing the phrase “maternity clothes” however many people imagine broad and ugly dresses, special overalls, etc. to convene a proper clothes have to start from the beginning of pregnancy. See financedns for maternity trench  coats.

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