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Nokia Lumia 720 in the Test

The Lumia 720 supplements the Lumia range now comprehensive five devices in the midfield and is even a highlight, as shown in the test.

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Typical Lumia is that many, even gaudy colors available, very sturdy unibody enclosure. It encloses a non replaceable battery, which helps the Lumia 720 to the longest operating time of all Lumia-phones.

Over seven hours of typical endurance characterized this endurance with its large 2000 mAh battery, in the pure talk time in GSM networks, it is enough even for over 15 hours, which will be completed in an impeccable sound quality. Continue reading Nokia Lumia 720 in the Test

Buffalo AirStation 1750 in the Test

The draft-11ac-router offered for 190 euro (in online shops from 125 euro) convinces in test with high data rates.

Marketing mathematics Buffalo goes like: In the 5-GHz band, the AirStation creates a 11ac power 1750 with theoretically maximum 1300 MB/s. Moreover, a parallel network of 11n in the 2.4 GHz band with the theoretically maximum 450 MB / s results in total a theoretical throughput of maximum 1750 Mbit / s, and hence the product name. Continue reading Buffalo AirStation 1750 in the Test

Linksys EA 6700 AC 1750 in the Test

The top model of the 11ac router from Linksys costs 200 euro, online there’s him for around 170 euros. This investment is worthwhile.

The company bought by Cisco Linksys already offers multiple Wi-FI routers, which work according to the Draft-11ac-Standard. The top model EA 6700 appears to connect test.

Two transmission channels be used here in two bands each. The 11ac-USB adapter offered by Linksys AE600 (around $40) served as a counter point. Continue reading Linksys EA 6700 AC 1750 in the Test

Bose SoundLink Mini in the Practice Test

Maximum performance with minimal format? The mini Bluetooth speaker Bose SoundLink wants to combine both. We looked at more closely the small novice.

Bose, recently in the reader’s choice of connect with the first place for the SoundLink air, a further offshoot sets and thus further promotes the mobility: SoundLink mini is the Bobx that wants to be not so very serious at first glance. Because dimensions of around 5 to 18 to 6 centimetres and 670 grams live weight inspire the tester with man-sized speakers familiar or a little respect. Continue reading Bose SoundLink Mini in the Practice Test

BlackBerry Coenzyme Q10 in the Test

The BlackBerry Q10 shows an excellent endurance test and connects the clenched innovations of the new platform BlackBerry of 10 with the legendary keyboard.

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“We had to begin with a pure touchscreen Smartphone”, explains Carsten Titt, PR Manager Central Europe at BlackBerry, in conversation with connect. “Only so we were able to show that our new operating system BlackBerry 10 is through touch screen-ready.” Continue reading BlackBerry Coenzyme Q10 in the Test

Sony Xperia E Test

Uncompromising cheap? Not quite. But the Android mini Xperia E Sony has in the test to provide what – and the price is right.

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It is also chic, the small Xperia E. Who wants to spend not much money and to Sony’s entry-level Smartphone attacks must not about bashfully hide. Perfectly processed the Android device with the striking switch stylistically builds on its more expensive Xperia colleagues – and shows your strengths. Continue reading Sony Xperia E Test

Mio Cyclo 505 HC in the Practice Test

Pre-installed maps including forest roads suited the bike GPS Mio cyclo 505 HC ideal for mountain bikers.

A chic and sleek alternative to the Smartphone delivers 505 HC million with the new cyclo. The 129 grams light GPS device is ideally suited for sporting use. And what you get for the proud purchase price of almost 470 euros, can be seen: the maps based on open street map (OSM) and Tele Atlas includes 23 European countries included maps. Continue reading Mio Cyclo 505 HC in the Practice Test

Garmin Edge 810 in the Practice Test

Lightweight, compact, multifunctional: The Garmin edge 810 is the perfect companion for mountain bikers and racing cyclists.

The Garmin edge 810 is something like the egg legend wool milk sow under the GPS bike computers. For 449 euros he is indeed not a bargain, but for his money, the sporty biker Gets a huge range of functions in one compact, chic and on top of that very light with only 98 gram unit.

And last but not least the edge of 810 comes with a Cadence sensor, a heart rate strap and a speed sensor, if GPS reception should stop once. These sensors can be easily attached to the wheel and connect via the wireless ANT +-technology with the edge. Continue reading Garmin Edge 810 in the Practice Test

Samsung Galaxy Touch 8.0 in the Test

The Galaxy scores rated 8.0 with feature-rich, good stamina and strong display. The price is rather high.

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With the Galaxy Notes 8.0 puts Samsung after the two giants smartphones touch and touch 2 and the 10-inch Tablet touch 10.1 already the fourth model before, that brings the practical stylus S pen. The latest Tablet addition to the South Koreans is available as Wi – Fi and 3 g version with nominally 16 GB internal memory. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Touch 8.0 in the Test

Keyboards for iPad Mini in the Comparison Test

Touch frustration ade! Bluetooth keyboards make typing on the iPad mini just much easier. We have tested five models tip.

Touch screen or no – who would like to typing longer texts, messages or status messages with his iPad mini, which can become beautiful life with a Blueetooth keyboard. Because nothing is annoying to hammer as constantly on a “delete” button because you are once again has mistyped. And this not just rarely happens on the relatively closely the Virtual QWERTY keyboard keys depending on the skill. Continue reading Keyboards for iPad Mini in the Comparison Test