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Android 7.1.2 Beta 2: Nexus 6 P with Gesture in The Traces and Pixel Sensor C with Pixel Launcher

Is here the second pre-release of Android 7.1.2 Nougat. Google has begun to update via OTA the Nexus y Pixel Subscribers to the Android Beta Program to the new version Nougat MR2 (build NPG47I).

The new version Android 7.1.2 Beta 2 presents two important developments. Mobile Nexus 6 p Finally get the gesture in fingerprint sensor and the tablet C pixel Gets the Pixel Launcher application launcher. Continue reading Android 7.1.2 Beta 2: Nexus 6 P with Gesture in The Traces and Pixel Sensor C with Pixel Launcher

Sheepskin Fashion Jackets

We love this jacket lambswool skin that keeps us warm and boosts our held as if by magic, what more?

Skin lambswool, inspired by the jacket Aviator jacket, it is somewhat winter leather jacket, passed the days of snow or cold weather. As his sidekick, it’s easy to grant and gives a fashion touch to any look. It is associated as well with jeans and a sweater, with a dress and a pair of Brogues, ally perfect for all styles.

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Diesel Denim Collection Fall Winter 2010 2011

Basic colours, high waist and skinny jeans are the brand’s major proposals veneto.

What you propose for this winter the veneto and a little eccentric Renzo Rosso? Maybe someone does not know who he is, because we are accustomed to associate with the United States, and instead one of the brands that produce the world famous denim is Italian and precisely veneto: talk about Diesel.

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Easy Ideas for Halloween Party

In recent years, Halloween began gaining popularity in our country. Some deny it, others feverishly preparing its original suit, to gather all eyes in awesome night, while others seek to create an unforgettable entertainment for their children.

If this year you decided to mark it, but the time you reach for serious training, we gathered a few ideas to quickly create suitable atmosphere with minimal effort:

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Useful Wedding Favors Ideas

You haven’t chosen the party favors? You are on a budget but looking for something original? Enough with the usual trinkets that end up buried in a drawer. Discover the wide range of useful wedding favors are ideal for demanding guests.

No one wants to admit it, but we know what happens to the favor which then unnecessary and perhaps cumbersome: or end up in the bottom of a drawer or in the trash, not to mention that the bride and groom will also have spent a fortune to leave guests a concrete reminder of that day. Continue reading Useful Wedding Favors Ideas

More Rumors of Android O Changes in Notifications, PIP, Dynamic Icons Mode and More

We are coming to the end of the month of March and at the moment We know rather little about the next version largest of Android, which presumably we will know in the next Google I/o may, with the exception of the rumors that we picked up at the beginning of the month.

Now we get many more rumors of the hand of the website 9to5Google and Android Central, enumerating some of the developments that we might see in Android, though without going into details. Named changes mentioned the notifications, a mode Picture-in-Picture, changes in the icons, a intelligent text selection bar and more. Continue reading More Rumors of Android O Changes in Notifications, PIP, Dynamic Icons Mode and More

Pleated Leggings Plus Size Outfit

In early January I ordered this draped leggings to me and it was definitely their money worth! I had attracted many times since and overall I feel, that I love them every time a little bit more, hihi.
I mention the only objection at the beginning, finally, it should be Yes, an homage to these wonderful leggings: it is me calves too tight and too loose at the thighs, but it enough so that I can wear them.

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