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5 Cheap and Easy Ideas for Redecorating

Today I’m going to teach some original ideas to give you a change of air in easy and economical way.

All we have ever despite having our House to our liking at the end there is a stay that has tired us. It is not that the color of the wall does not like us, or make furniture look fashion past. We have simply grown accustomed and want a change. Continue reading 5 Cheap and Easy Ideas for Redecorating

Functional And Stylish-The Cargo Pants For Men

Who would have thought, even the cargohose can look back on a history which you already after 80 years at the hump. And quite as charisma and style imply, it is a functionally influenced function and the coolness assigned functions. Masculinity, roughness and slowness, suitability for maneuvering, in shooting trenches during combat, for Rambo from the 80s-emotions like from past advertising for the cigarette “Memphis” the carrier of this piece of clothing lifts from the baptism, consciously or by chance. It only needs to be aware of it in order to use the characteristic as it is to its advantage.

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Hair Styles For Spring-That’s Hot!

Already last year I presented you the hair styles for the winter, this contribution came quite well with you, so I decided to use Sprezstyle to introduce the hip hair styles for the spring. But first of all, I’d like to lose a few words about Sprezstyle, so you can be sure that I’ve got expert advice. You can find other fashionable hairstyles for men at all times on the previously linked overview page.

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Summer Blushes

[BLOGPARADE] Hello dear ones! I was very happy about your numerous participation in my last Top 3 round when it came to your favorite Catrice eyeshadow. It was very interesting to see which eyeshadows are quite often in your top 3 again and meanwhile I have, inspired by your contributions, even three more Catrice eyeshadows added.  This time it is – due to the calendar start of summer today – for your top 3 summer Blushes go. As a thank you for your participation, there is also a little to win. For more information and the winners of the last round see below.

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View Of The Palladium Spring/Summer Collection 2015

On most days you can see me wearing leather shoes or sneakers, in the winter, of course, with boots. I have not come to the idea of ​​wearing boots in the summer. Emphasis on so far, because only recently I have intensified myself with palladium, which just bring boots to the market, which one can wear even in the summer.

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The Jeans Jacket-Cult Or Not?

Actually, denim jackets for men are cult as mere fashion. In addition, there is a very high added value for every man in everyday life. The style, inherent in a jeans jacket, can never be surpassed by any other form of design, by replacing the original character-any kind of imitation of a jeans or a jeans jacket can be a short-lived attempt, as measured by the original.

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