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3 Shoes from the 90s that Are Suddenly Hip Again

1. Mules

They are just being celebrated as the trend shoes of the summer: Mules. Some people forget that this shoe model was already in the 90s, before it was dusty for almost 20 years in the wardrobe.  Right, some will think. But new designs, more modern cuts and fresh summer colors make the shoe trendy again this year. They used to be more decent models, mostly in black or brown with a medium high heel. The new pieces, on the other hand, come in colorful designs, with a very high or very low heel, thus making the jump to the catwalk. Even at this year’s Berlin Fashion Week, hardly a designer has renounced Mules. Continue reading 3 Shoes from the 90s that Are Suddenly Hip Again

Brady Bags – Quality Sporting Leather Goods

To manufacturers of products for hunting and outdoor recreation are picked up by a more fashion-conscious audience has become increasingly common in men’s vogue. From having been seen as a little mossy has functional design and durability has become a top priority. A clear example of the phenomenon is that of many unknown bag Brady Bags. Continue reading Brady Bags – Quality Sporting Leather Goods

5 Tips for Using Chandeliers in Decorating

Chandeliers are great choices when it comes to composing a stylish ambiance. The most imposing models are guaranteed of an impact decoration, and to use them without fear of error you just have to follow some basic recommendations. Continue reading 5 Tips for Using Chandeliers in Decorating

Nooka With Sassy Designer Watches

Many have already heard of the Nooka brand. Many others not. This post is to bring you the brand somewhat closer and help you to understand the concept behind Nooka.


Nooka was founded in 2004 by the graphic designer Matthew Waldman. Initially it was just a side project with which he wanted to bring his skills in the field of graphic design in conjunction, by he should design a watch company Seiko. Then, the first Nooka watch produced so, new designers are joined and the current side project at once became a full-time job.

Continue reading Nooka With Sassy Designer Watches