3 Toys To Build At Home With The Little Ones



-school rules transparent 3

-Adhesive Tape

-Paper card in desired color

-Tracing paper or another that has a bit of transparency

-Transparent plastic (may also be plastic wrap)

-Sequins, beads, beads or other colored materials available


  1. Attach the 3 rules on triangular format with the duct tape.Duct tape pass in at least 3 points of rules to attach them securely.
  2. At one end of the triangle, attach a piece of transparent plastic, cut into triangular also format.
  3. wrap the triangle on paper (the darker, the better).Leave a remnant of paper of about 2 cm at the end in which you put the plastic, to make room at sequins.Attach the paper with adhesive tape or glue.
  4. place the sequins, beads, and what accounts you have colored part in the space between the plastic tip and the leftover paper.Just don’t overdo it!It is not necessary to fill this space with little pieces, remember that the light penetrates to make the geometric effect.
  5. So that the pieces do not escape, cover that end with greaseproof paper or any other that has some transparency.Cool too with duct tape.
  6. At the other end, limit the opening of Kaleidoscope by placing a piece of cardboard with a hole in the middle.So the experience of looking at the Kaleidoscope will be more interesting!
  7. Finally, decorate it as you prefer!

Finger puppets


-Coloured Felt (according to the character)





  1. cut the felt as the template available at thislink.
  2. With the needle sew the face, then the eyes and the nose.Thread your needle and sew the face, then embroider the eyes and nose.
  3. sew the other piece from inside the ears.
  4. Join the two pieces of felt sewing sides.
  5. make some tips around the puppet with a pair of scissors.
  6. Do the other characters and have fun!

Cordless phone


-Two metal cans


-Wire (can be a string or shoelace of tennis)

-Double sided tape




  1. cut your cardstock to covering the outside of the tins.Paste pieces of double sided tape around the ends and wrap the can with the cardboard carefully.
  2. With the drill, make a hole in the bottom of cans and clean the scrap metal.
  3. place the wire into the hole of each Tin and tie a knot real tight and thick enough not to escape.
  4. Is ready!Now it’s just to have fun.

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