37 Wedding Dresses Perfect for Marrying in the Field

Are you going to get married in the country and do not know which model of dress to choose? We help you with this beautiful selection!

Light, delicate and romantic, the country wedding brings all these elements, and the beauty of the bride is the perfect setting to delight the guests and especially the groom! And one of the most difficult decisions is the wedding dress. There are many models, colors, trends, and the bride ends up having a knot in her head. That’s why we selected 37 models of dresses and some tips to ruin the bride’s look.

  1. The romanticism of income and embroidery

The lace matches very well with the marriage in the field, because it brings the romanticism and delicacy to the look of the bride. Be it in any dress or in small applications, it can be used by the brides. A substitute for income, if the bride prefers, may be the embroidery, which gives a different air to the dress.

  1. Transparency

The big bet of trends has been transparency in wedding dresses, and they look great on weddings in the country and on the beach. Therefore, you can use it even more if the event is daytime.

  1. Tule

Tulles are a great demand for brides from the field as well, as they give the feeling of lightness.

  1. Little Dildo

Another bet of trends in wedding dress are the models sequins, but not less impressive. They fit well with the wedding in the field, since they make up the look of a more discreet bride.

  1. Bet on the short

Short is the ball of the time! If the wedding is daytime you can use without fear of making mistakes, and still stay with the model that weighs much less and is more airy.