4 Outdoor Protective Covers For the Iphone 5 / 5 S / SE Compared

Fragile high-tech smartphones and rugged outdoor use is a combination that can end up like time expensive. No wonder, then, that there are numerous providers for custom slipcovers for smartphones. As a user of iPhone 5 Apple, I want to introduce suitable for Slipcovers here equal to 4 different outdoor.

Since my first iPhone (3 G), the Defender case by OtterBox for outdoor accompanied me always activities. Now 3 more Slipcovers have accumulated in my current iPhone 5. On the photos you can see (from left to right:

  • OtterBox Defender series
  • Drop tech series by gumdrop
  • frē iPhone case by LifeProof
  • iSeries iPhone case from E-Case (formerly SealLine)

Here computerdo will introduce more closely the various protective covers:


The Defender case by OtterBox protective covers is definitely one the most famous outdoor. It consists of 3 layers (transparent layer for the display, a case made of impact resistant polycarbonate, as well as a dampening silicone case) and is supplied with a belt clip.


The case protects against bumps, scratches, dust and water splashes. However, it is subject to any protection standard as the IP protection classes or military standard MIL-STD-810. Through the openings for loudspeaker, microphone, camera, and Flash, dust and water protection is also only rather low.

Handling and ease of use

Insertion of the smartphones in the case is quite fast. However, some practice requires taking as the polycarbonate housing is held quite firm at several points. Operation via the screen protector works smoothly and all buttons and ports are easily accessible. As camera and Flash exposed photos without turbidity of the image can be recorded.


At Amazon there is the Defender case from around 25 Euro in many different colour combinations. There’s more info at otterbox.com.


I have the two piece (rubber sleeve in combination with a polycarbonate frame and screen protector) drop tech case of gumdrop before recently Yes ever detailed presented.


As well as the otter box case protects the gumdrop case against bumps, scratches, dust and water splashes. However, this by no special protection standard is excellent. As you can see in the video of the linked article, the drop tech case holds so many things.

Handling and ease of use

The use of iPhones in the gumdrop protective case is quite simple: put Smartphone in the polycarbonate frame insert and rubber sleeve over the corners. The iPhone is held it from the frame. At the terminals in the hard plastic frame, I have concerns that may scratch surface of the iPhone arise on the sensitive aluminium but each time.
Is operated by the integrated protector and the protected keys easily. Lens and Flash are also the drop tech case free, so that you get clean images when taking pictures.


The iPhone 5 case of gumdrop are currently available for around € 30 in black and black/red at Amazon. There is more information under gumdropcases.com.


The frē of LifeProof is an extremely lightweight and thin casing which promises a total cover. Each individual case is tested it extra from the manufacturer.


The LifeProof case is fully waterproof to IPX8 protection type (protection against continuous immersion), dustproof STD IP6X protection class, and shock resistant according to military standard MIL 810F-516. According to the manufacturer, the case withstands falls from up to 2 meters and stay close to water at least 30 minutes in 2 meters deep. In addition, the frē case features a waterproof headphone jack.
Before first use you should test way, even the cover by an hour completely there for around under water. Said, done, and Lo and behold, the case is really absolutely tight. Still I would now not my iPhone in the frē case as GoPro replacement for the bath or is a canyoning tour want to take.

Handling and ease of use

Insertion into the two-piece LifeProof case is quite simple. You should watch but if at all possible that the seal is free of any obstructions such as coarse dust or lint, and closes the case completely clean, otherwise a wholly owned water resistance is not guaranteed. Taking apart the housing is already a little more difficult. The manufacturer recommends to solve the two halves using a coin on a corner, then you can separate them by applying light pressure from each other.
The iPhone can be easily via the display and the buttons operate. The lightning connector is still accessible via a watertight door. Due to the design of the sound of the speaker is of course somewhat muted and vibrates at the back of the plastic shell, but phone calls can be thus still easily. By the way, camera and Flash are not affected by the closed case.


With less than 80 euros , the frē case from LifeProof is comparatively bloody expensive. For this man but also a lightweight and compact case receives the according IP protection standards absolutely water and dust-proof is, and still protect shocks. There is more information under our site.


A more waterproof protective cover offers E-case with the iSerie (distributed initially under the SealLine brand).


The iSeries case is waterproof to IPX7 protection type (up to 30 minutes-full immersion in one meter deep water). It is useful mainly for sporadic and less intense contact with water (E.g. in the rain) and should not be used for diving or swimming. The robust material also protects against scratches and minor impact damage.

Handling and ease of use

The case of the iSeries is according to manufacturer compatible with all iPhone models. The iPhone 5, which is considerably longer than its predecessor, the place is but quite scarce and the Smartphone it can insert or remove only with some fumbling. For the waterproof SealLock excellent zipper works.
The operation of the touch screen works still quite good, even if the protection window urethane is not 100% on the display. The function of the keys is, however, significantly restricted and the connections are not accessible (there is also a version with an integrated waterproof headphone jack). The photos of the camera are unfortunately somewhat murky due through the protective window on the back which is not just. Also, the case is quite bulky due to its size and can be stored not just in the breast pocket.


With around 20 Euro iSeries cover of E-case is the cheapest when compared, but unfortunately also the most disadvantages. There is more information under our site.


Who its smartphone at the outdoor hard usage wants to protect from scratches, bumps and falls, with the covers from OtterBox and gumdrop on the safe side. My favorite is still the Defender case by OtterBox. Unfortunately, both offer only limited protection against water and dust.

In properly moist or wet surroundings (E.g. in the rain or snow), passes on a leak-proof cover. Here, the frē case of LifeProof offers a truly optimum all-round protection. It protects against water, dust and falls perfectly, is lightweight and durable, and the ease of use remains fully intact. It is but unfortunately also the most expensive by far case compared with around 80 euros.
Who wants to protect its smartphone from water and can take a fairly limited usability in purchase, is the iSeries cover of E-case well served. Advantage is also the compatibility with other smartphones or future iPhone models, here, in addition to the great price, because the case not on a specific model has been tailored.

In short, for every demand and every budget to find a suitable protection today for its expensive high-tech Smartphone, so you live can report usage in the hard outdoor by his adventures.