5.1 Android Already Conquered Its First Smartphone with Chipset MediaTek

So far MediaTek chipsets have been synonymous with basic range and bad support of subsequent updates, problems always also blamed the lack of development of Taiwanese hardware manufacturer.

However, it seems that many major terminals they begin to bet strong on MediaTek and their new solutions, not only for power and price, but also because the Taiwanese have also begun to show signs of clear improvement in their after sales support.

Today announced the official update to Android 5.1 the first smartphone “powered by MediaTek” Lollipop, that is not other than the iOcean Rock MT6752 with the known of eight cores and support for 64-bit of MediaTek chipset.

Thus, excuses are finished to discard a smartphone just by the MediaTek chipset, so hardware manufacturer not only It has been at the same competition in technology and power processing of their units – this MT6752 has nothing to envy to a Snapdragon’s 600-series, but it has also been the batteries at the time of provide drivers to their processors as soon as possible so do not delay updates to Android.

At the moment the new ROM for iOcean terminal not has been released officially, but although it is in testing phase, displayed catches indicate a very advanced development that would enable an update very soon.

So, you know, if you have a smartphone with chipset MediaTek MT6752 upgrade to the latest version of Android will not be delayed by the work of MediaTek, but it will touch you to wait for the development of the manufacturer of the smarthone. At least It is sure that Yes you can have official update, and that’s always good news.