5 Books to Carry in The Backpack During a Trip

Who does not like a trip? Whether you travel a little or a lot, going to an unfamiliar place or family is a pleasant experience, especially for the unique situations that you will experience. And among the items that go in a backpack, one of which can not miss are the books.

Literature, of any kind, is a great companion on the road, on the plane, or any other means of travel, helping to pass the time if the landscape on the outside is not a great attraction, or if you seek a better way of To be entertained.

Each one has a very particular style of reading, but we separate some unique books that will make your trip even more fun and inspiring. Almost all of them have pocket versions, fitting perfectly into your backpack. And as for backpack models, be sure to check out BusinessCarriers, with several models available to please you during your trip.

One of the greatest classics in the literature, translated into more than 20 languages ​​and adaptations in animation for TV and cinema, The Little Prince is an indispensable work for your trip. The simple questions, however deep in meaning, promise an exciting story in so few pages.

In the plot, a French plane pilot suffers an accident and stops in the Sahara desert. In his wanderings through the endless desert, the pilot ends up meeting a young prince-the real protagonist of the story – who owns a small planet, traveling from asteroid to asteroid until he stops on Earth, and passing his experiences to the pilot. It is precisely these stories that are worth your reading.

Although not widely known to the mainstream audience, the plot of Gabriel Gárcia Marquez is a milestone in Latin American literature, not toa was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature by him. Some say that the book was one of the first to start the genre of Fantastic Realism, but this is a factor to be overlooked while enjoying the beautiful plot.

The book revolves around the Buendia family and their solitary life in the city of Macondo, showing facts about each of these estranged members of society. Although melancholy at a certain point, its story has an impactful end, generating good discussions and later reflections.

Many often say that people can not be changed by others, and to some extent, this is true. But what if one of them simply showed him his true path, which will not only give him a broader sense of life, but how will he show what real happiness is? It is under these parameters that the story of Dan Milman, author of this incredible work, already adapted for the cinema with the name of “Power Beyond Life” is told.

In the plot, Milman tells his experiences with a mysterious gentleman, who without telling his name, received the affectionate nickname of “Socrates” due to its constant and almost philosophical questions. What Dan, and probably the reader, did not expect, are the powerful clashes of reality that Socrates gives about life, paying off not only the plot itself, but the parallels that can be made with reality.

Another that has also received adaptations for the cinema, with the same name, and for travel lovers, is a real guide for those who wish to enjoy life on the road intensely. Being an interesting account of the rise of movements like Beat and its consequent countercultures, it is worth for the simple pleasure of seeing the stories of its bold author Jack Kerouac.

The book (and the film, very well portrayed) shows the travels and reports of Jack and his friends as they pass through several American cities, such as New York, Denver, Los Angeles, and many others. For those who are not bothered by the slightly more intense reports involving drugs and other follies of the youngsters of the 60s, it is a useful reading to have on travel.

Dedicated to all those (and those, why not?) Who simply want to drop the monotonous life and fall on the road for the simple pleasure of having new experiences, this is a story of how life can be very simple and intense if you so desire. Not by chance, the plot was also adapted for the movie, starring actress Julia Roberts.

The film tells the story of a woman at 30 whose life is about to collapse with so many responsibilities and frustrations. As a means of giving the turnaround she needed, she simply drops everything to live on the road, searching for emotions and adventures that normally a person of the same age is not willing to perform.

These were just a few choices! You can make your trip much more interesting in the company of books. And your own experiences are as exciting as the ones that have been told, why not share them in the same way? Reading is an endless pleasure, and it can be easily divided.