5 Cheap and Easy Ideas for Redecorating

Today I’m going to teach some original ideas to give you a change of air in easy and economical way.

All we have ever despite having our House to our liking at the end there is a stay that has tired us. It is not that the color of the wall does not like us, or make furniture look fashion past. We have simply grown accustomed and want a change.

Here we go!

Polka dots

A very simple idea is to decorate a wall or part of a wall with points. You can choose the size, color, and layout that you want. To my I love white walls with gold points.

To do this easily and prevent runs, irregular circles and other problems, the easiest way is to use adhesive vinyl. Here you have a link of Aliexpress where I bought with the idea of decorating my dressing room that’s all with white shades. For lack of time I have yet to do it. But the stickers are quality and Golden tone is beautiful. We just have to mark with a pencil on the wall where you want to attach the circles and ready.

Frames and photos in a different way

They are always well tidy on a shelf or hanging on the wall. IKEA sells these wonderful specific shelves to place frames (model Mosslanda link here). I like the idea of mixing sizes and colors. Neither is it necessary that all are photos, can use printable Internet, framing a beautiful invitation, inspirational cuts… The ideas are endless:

Carpet home

Good thing that when we assemble our little flat we didn’t carpets! All appear to be equal, or the typical peluditas or all life with reasons worthy of Grandma’s House. And if you salías those two things the prices are exorbitant, you would know me evil walking by stepping on them.

But another way to give a different room or dining room is air by adding rugs. And out of the ordinary we can make them ourselves. On the internet there are thousands of tutorials. Here examples:


Something that has become very fashionable and I love, love me and me crazy are the decorative plates. Both those of motivational phrases such as illustrations. We can put them in frames or hook them with Eagle tape on the wall. But there are many more original ideas to make. And to sample a button:

Points of light

Another wonderful idea is changing our points of light. Add a lamp junior, a full of lights led glass vase, a Garland of lights… There are many different options. And we can get varied environments, focus our attention on another point, highlight photos…

So far this small collection

We read us soon