5 Ideas For Decorating a Bedroom Original

Already some time ago that the sober and classic bedrooms have gone from fashion. This stay is modernizing and becoming a corner of House that can be fun and very personal. Like that I love and I always bet for décor with personality and taste of inhabitant of each household, today we will see five ideas to decorate a bedroom original, that will help you to give that special touch to this part of your House.

1. materials

Natural and ecological materials are trend in 2017. We are seeing much Cork, but it’s not bad idea to use OSB panels (are made from wood shavings) for an original headboard, as pictured.

5 Ideas For Decorating a Bedroom Original

  1. lightingTo give a different touch to your bedroom there is nothing more imaginative and practical at the same time that lighting. Today day we see less bedside lamps Inns in tables and more flexible hoses on the walls, hanging lights or simply a few foci using a decorative shelf.

3 color on the walls

Normally it is recommended to paint the walls in the bedroom of relaxing and rather neutral tones. This standard helping us a striking wallpaper and dark paint can break a bit. Thus, one of the walls becomes the most prominent area of stay and converts it into an original bedroom with a single step like WallStickerCollection recommended.

4 bedside tables

This trend has been years installed in some houses. To have a different bedside table only a little imagination is needed (and if not, look at the second picture in the previous point). Stairs, luggage, stools, small desks, anything goes!

5 header

Headboard or no headboard? This issue is in the air thanks to the latest trends, and not have to be a Yes or a no if we paint the wall as headboard false as in the picture. Many beds are if it, but there are some that aren’t very convinced with this fashion. Personally I like to have something to support me when I read… If you think like me do not despair because you can also follow trends and be different creating your own headboard with slats of wood, for example.
Idea do you most like to have an original bedroom?