5 Shoes that Look Super Stylish in Combination with Leggings

1. Sneaker

The classic! Pretty sneakers look just great for leggings.Whether you opt for the classic version of white fabric or leather or a colorful and futuristic model.  The only important thing is that the leggings are not too long, and the ankles are compressed. It looks better when the leggings end just before the ankle. If you do not want to freeze in winter and leave a few centimeters of skin, you can combine high socks.

2. Pumps

If you would like to wear leggings for an elegant occasion, Pumps is well advised. They fit super to the comfortable pants. Also here, the leggings should end just before the ankle, so that the look looks neat.

3. Overknees

Since we are still in the middle of winter, an outfit with leggings is stylish and cozy warm at the same time with overknees. The high-cut boots are currently totally trendy and have the advantage that they warm the leg up to the thigh wonderfully. Another plus: Leggings are usually cut very tight, so they can easily be put into any shoe.

4. Winterboots

If you do not have it with overknees not warm enough, of course, can also reach thick fur boots. Uggs and Co. in combination with leggings have the reputation to be untidy, but it is only important to tune the rest of the outfit well. If you wear a sweater, you can have a nice time. However, if you wear a black leggings for a gray woolen dress and combine both with gray or black fur boots, nothing is wrong. In general: If the look from hip downwards is very comfortable and practical, you should choose a classic elegant top. Thus, the two styles resemble each other.

5. Flats

Especially during the current winter temperatures, we are also looking forward to spring. Then they are allowed to get back their flats, which were already announced last summer. Also in 2017 they accompany us through spring and summer and can be combined well with the leggings. With a single-color model, the comfortable pants are also given an elegant touch; with colorful models it becomes casual.