5 Tips on Makeup Kits

5 Different Makeup Kits for Different Needs

Practical, compact, easy to carry and cost benefit: so are the cases of makeup, which consist primarily of a case with several make-up items for one price. The makeup kits may be made of acrylic, metal, cardboard addition to other materials, besides having the possibility to be made with a combination of different raw materials.

If you travel a lot, are starting in the world of makeup or is keen on beauty items, the makeup kits are a perfect choice because you can get them easily in purse or suitcase, and comes with different items that are perfect for your learning.

More and more brands – national and international – are betting on makeup kits, whether on holidays like Christmas or Mother’s Day or just to meet the growing demand of consumers.

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Types of Makeup Kit

The makeup kits are available for all tastes, pockets and needs and for that one must keep in mind what you need most, ie whether it is products for eyes, skin or a complete kit. Meet five of the main types of makeup case.

– Case of Shadows 

The shadow makeup kits comprise two or more shadows, which can be completely neutral color or a mixture of both. Many of them also bring purely opaque shadows, shimmering shadows, 3D shadows or else a mixture of different types.

In addition, many cases for shadows bring any accessories such as brushes to apply the shadows or a potentiating cream shadows – called primer – helping to secure and enhance the color and shade of durability on the eyelid.

The advantage of these cases is that it brings a good variety of colors and often finish, perfect for those who want to learn, for those who need or who want to save a little, as it usually is cheaper than buying individually.

Tip: make brown tip

Understanding the need of the market, many companies are betting also in shadow cases you build it: you buy the empty case and separately purchase the shadows, one by one, the tone you prefer.

– Case of Blushes

Since blushes kit comprises two or more types of blushes, which may or may not have different finishes, such as matte appearance or vibrate, for example. Sometimes such case brings some kind of illuminator, perfect to complete blush and be used for temples and a blush bronzer in style and gives a tanned appearance to the skin.

This type of case is ideal for those who like to vary the shades of blush, creating from a visual stained to a lightly tanned skin. We must, however, be sure that all blushes – or at least most – work well with your skin tone, it should not be too bright or too dark.

– Case of Lipsticks 

Although lipsticks of the traditional type are still the preference, the market offers the option of lipsticks makeup kits, in which different liquid lipsticks come in the same case, as well as shadows. Depending on the make, lipsticks follow the same tone or line brings different colors, as well as the finishes that can be matte, creamy or flickering.

The lipsticks case is usually accompanied by a special applicator brush, made to pass the product on the lips. For those who have a passion for lipsticks and a bit of practice to apply the lipstick case is perfect.

– Case of Remedial 

Darling of the makeup artists, the case of lime brings different shades of concealer, the lighter to the darker, often passing by colorful correctives unlikely. Colorful correctives are ideal to disguise imperfections in certain colors: purple concealer neutralises yellowed imperfections such as pimples, while the green neutralizes reddish marks as rosacea and bruises. But the yellow concealer neutralizes purple areas such as dark circles.

The correctives case is perfect for those who already have some notion or are learning about facial contour, since the darker shades serve to sharpen parts of the body and the lighter to illuminate and highlight.

– Full Kit 

If you are willing to invest a little more, opt for complete makeup kits, which come with different items of makeup like shadows, blushes, lipsticks, correctives and often enlightening, mascara and even eyeliner.

For those who already have a large collection or for those who want to start having your, complete makeup kits bring the most essential items and in most cases allow you to have a complete makeup or semi-complete just using their products.

Overall, this type of case is perfect for gift giving that dear person you know who loves cosmetic items.

The makeup kits are currently available in different versions, sizes and with different goals. Buy one of each type or all, but has at least one makeup kit in your collection and see yourself the convenience that they bring.