6 Tips To Wear Retro Without Being Tacky

It seems that everyone decided to take the Cabinet flannels and embody the lumber-grunge-punk-hippie-rajnish-style (Hello Riptides!).

But the question remains: are we not exaggerating a bit no? God of the sky, this is a tropical country. Why are you so? What’s so shabby jeans without attitude? Oh, it’s too much for my head!

Because of this, AreaH did “the runs” for you with bloggers, fashionistas and fashion magazines, and collected some special tips on how to use memorable pieces-without sounding corny with impunity. Look at what we learned:

1) Mix modern pieces with vintage pieces. Jessica Jo Fisher, fashion designer from Chicago, says an easy way to keep a retro piece with renewed and current aspect is combine it with modern styles and clothes. Will use that fabulous pattern vintage shirt? Then opt for a simple skinny jeans.

2) choose the fabric and patterns. If you want to adopt a bolder look and complete in retro terms (and know the risk they run of opinion tremendously out of context), make decisions with more awareness. Jo Fisher recommends current parts that date back 50 years icons, like the modern courts established standards. Abuse of “prints-tributes” and honor the retro look of unusual ways.

3) Discard outdated pieces unanimously. According to blogger Ketura Persellin, behind The Joyful Closet, a vintage doesn’t mean that you don’t have to adjust the clothes according to your body type. Coats too wide, or worse, with padded shoulders, wool socks, jeans overalls. AFFF. It’s not nice or hanging and forgotten in the closet.

4) Invest in vests. When applied to contemporary looks, big impact vintages. If all you need is a hit in the comfortable and elegant equation jeans + shirt, bet on a classic vest. According to Men’s Health of Singapore, if well adjusted – and you remember to put in your shirt–a good vest is never a mistake.

5) jeans jackets fall super well with accessories, are the one automatic watch your grandfather’s, or metal bracelets. For the Rokit London, you can bet on cufflinks, belts and leather or wool hats, since I didn’t want to use them all at once. Your old leather purse or backpack denim will never be left in visual!

6) trust in your taco. Security in attitude makes quite a difference in what you’re wearing.

When you feel good about the retro look that you chose for the occasion, inevitably you do heads and eyes turn.Do the clothes stay good in you, and not inanimate parts defining your behavior. Be yourself!