60s Fashion Still Another Theme In 2016?

Looking at the 60s fashion for men, you immediately notice that at this time fashion history was written and a milestone in fashion was created in which fashion designers still orient themselves today. So it is not surprising that in 2016, elements of the 60s also incorporate fashion into current garments, either in the form of elaborate accents or exclusive details. The 60s fashion is mainly for patterned clothing, checks and herringbone patterns-almost everything you can find in the current time.

Legend With Tom Hardy Brings The 60s Fashion After 2016

However, there were also other forms of the 1960s fashion, unfortunately, always goes a little bit, if one deals with this decade.Therefore, I would like to take the current DVD and Blu-Ray release of the film Legend with Tom Hardy as an opportunity to take a little look at the fashion of the 60s, especially with the (British) swinging Sixties style, how to get it In Legend to see. But first I would like to take a brief look at the plot of the film, so that you can get to know the content of the film.

Legend plays in London in the 1960s, with the twin twins Ronald and Reginald Kray, both played by Tom Hardy. Because of their criminal machinations and their unscrupulousness, the two Kray brothers in the underworld bring to doubtful fame. But it does not all work as the two hope for. For while Reggie succeeds in business affairs and contributes enormously to the building of the empire, his brother Ron threatens this.

This was almost foreseeable, because the recently released twin from the psychiatry puts the successful family enterprise more and more frequently by its uncontrolled outbursts of rage in danger. But it is really critical that Reggie gets to know his dream woman, the fragile Frances Shea. For her, he is to turn to more honest business, but Reggie is soon overwhelmed by the fact that his brother, who is always out of control, is able to reconcile her common empire and marriage Trailer offers a few additional insights.

60s Fashion-A Mixture Of Austerity And Soft Forms

It turns out that the fashion of the 60s is distinguished above all by austerity with a slight slope to soft forms. Especially for suits it can be seen that these were extremely narrow cut and with the look value was placed on a certain elegance. Different approaches to the suits from the 60s can be seen quite well in Legend, Caroline Harris, responsible for the costume design, was faced with the difficult task of finding matching specimens matching the Kray brothers.

It was important that they not only hit the 60s style, but also the love of the Kray brothers to fashion as well as their different personalities and physical fitness condition. It can be clearly seen that Harris chose patterns during the selection, which we will also see in 2016. Especially large checks are discreet, tone-on-tone on the suits of the two again.

“She has a lot of fun with him.” She said. “Al Capone in a double-breasted suit to his tailor.It worked well to run with that look for Ron. “

In general the Kray brothers were more classical, formally dressed, but without too stiff. Caroline Harris has chosen to choose the suits for wide-cut jackets and high-cut trousers with creases in heavy fabrics that felt strong. The different personalities of Reg and Ron can be recognized not only by their nature, but also by the different styles of clothing.

When choosing the outfits for Reg, Harris put on dark, muted colors such as dark blue and black. Ron was a bit more colorful, and sometimes wearing garments with colors and patterns. However, it can be said that the Swinging-Sixties-style embodied in Legend is more classical, old-fashioned and rather formal. There were even strict dress codes in the nightclubs-women had to wear cocktail dresses and men’s tuxedos or suits.

Hippies-There Was Something In The 60s…

The 60s clothing can be described as straightforward in men, which does not mean that she did not like it. Only the ruffle shirt was anything but plain, so this put on frills, wide sleeves and a lacing at the neck. Would not necessarily my taste.

What was too much with these frilly shirts in the 60s, was not done with the pants in whole. So they came without great details and were therefore extremely simple. Only the jeans gained importance in the course of the 1960s and spread slowly.

“Caroline focused on the krays’ world that was without a doubt more classic than swinging.This classicism formed the key to the characters. “

The hippiemode, which is also typical for the 1960s, does not play a role in Legend, but it should not be ignored. By the example of typical 60s shirts, it was obvious that ruffle was an absolute must, color and breast show was just as welcome. The clichéing peace sign on a leather band around the neck was also missing.

As further fashionable highlights of the 60s, I simply throw the words trumpet sleeves, oversized cuffs, long button rows, large shirt collars with tips to the chest, etc… into the room. In any case, I can hold on to the fact that the elegant style appeals to me a lot more than the well-known Hippiemode. What is your opinion on this? Personally, does the British swinging Sixties style of the Kray brothers actually appeal to me?

Watched On The Purse, Legend Makes You Want To Be 60s Fashion…

In my research for this post I stumbled over the following sentence by Andreas Borcholte in his film criticism to Legend:

“Less than two minutes,” Legend “has begun; already, as a male spectator, it is assumed to go to the tailor immediately after the performance, to make a snug black suit in the Italian inspired style of the sixties. Then the barber and pomade in the hair for this manly but also daring slicked-back look. “

What else is there to say, put on a suit, get Gin Tonic – the favorite drink of the two-DVD or Blu-Ray in the player and be captivated by the British swinging sixties style of Legend. Whether you’re still looking for your tailor or barber, I’d like to leave you.