7 Disney Epcot Park Orlando Attractions & Toys

Discover the 7 best toys and attractions that exist today at  Disney’s Epcot Park Orlando. This park is one of the most famous in the city, recognized mainly by its huge icon of white ball, just at the entrance.Being so recognized in Orlando, tourists are keen to get to know Epcot, and the queues of attractions are huge. So it’s cool to know the toys that are most wanted and to get in line as soon as they arrive in Orlando park, because the demand usually increases throughout the day. So do not forget to arrive early! The toys and attractions that are highlights at Orlando’s Epcot Disney are usually the cool ones, so check out the 7 best highlights of the park now:

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Disney Epcot Test Track Toy

Ever wanted to know how the car tests are done? In this Disney Epcot park toy, you can get in a car to test everything, walk up to 100 km / h in a few seconds, and have fun on one of Orlando’s most sought-after toys which is remote control, according to Computerminus.

Disney Epcot Spaceship Earth Toy

An interactive attraction takes place inside the huge white ball, icon of Disney Epcot Park in Orlando. In it you enter a cart that, slowly, shows and teaches about the world. Plus, you ride through a screen in your cart, a story that at the end of the toy can send to yourself and have fond memories of Disney in Orlando afterwards.

Disney Epcot Attraction Soarin Around The World

Enjoy a good attraction at Epcot Park in the Soarin toy. It is a 4D flight simulator, super quiet and delicious to do! You go over several typical places in the world, from the United States to China, and you smell, sound and culture of all. It sure is one of the best toys inside Disney Epcot Park in Orlando, and with one of the biggest queues!

Disney Toy Epcot Mission: Space

The Mission Space is a futuristic attraction of Disney Epcot Park Orlando, and one of the  best attractions between Disney and Universal parks. It is a very different and innovative toy, since it simulates a landing on nothing less than Mars (but at Disney!). It is for people who like adrenaline and have no problem with nausea, because you will be under other pressure on you, will have sensations of turns and the place is not so spacious. But it’s definitely worth it for being such a different attraction within Orlando’s Disney parks.

Disney Epcot Toy The Seas With Nemo And Friends

Look for Nemo on this journey into one of Disney Epcot’s most sought-after attractions. The toy sits inside the pavilion that bears the same name, and is great for the little ones. Well, this toy of Orlando takes you, inside a shell, to know the depths of the sea with a lot of fun.

Disney Attraction Epcot Living With The Land

Get acquainted in this Disney Epcot Orlando park attraction about nature. The ride through the rainforest, deserts and other regions of the world is such an attraction that Disney set out to teach visually.Worth it!

Disney Epcot Attraction Frozen Ever After

This is one of the new Disney Orlando toys made available in 2016. At the Norwegian pavilion at Epcot Park, you can get on a boat and get to know the whole kingdom of Anna and Elsa in an attraction that joins the songs from the movie Frozen and lots of fun. It is a quiet calm toy and ideal to rest your feet from the long walks through the park.

Use The Disney Fastpass To Stick Row

As we said, these attractions and Disney park toys are often in demand. If you have not arrived very early, or left any attraction to the end, and it has a huge queue, try using the  Disney FastPass+system. In our post we indicate everything you need to know and how to use this tool of Disney toys, which will help you save a lot of time inside Orlando parks.

Cell Phone Usage Tips In Orlando Parks

A very useful tip is that you can use your mobile phone at Disney Epcot Park Orlando, Orlando and Disney, as it ends up making your internet life very easy. You can use Disney’s, Universal’s and amusement park apps that are incredible and help you plan your entire day inside the parks, watch queues and book restaurants. And it turns out to be useful throughout the trip, such as at the time of shopping so you can use the discount coupon apps, search the addresses and communicate with whoever is with you inside the huge outlets.

And in the end the account will be free, because  you will save about 90 dollars for not having to rent a GPS for the car because you can use the mobile phone, and  can still search the addresses and times of places, see the weather forecast to plan For the rides and parks, and logically stay connected with everyone through apps and post your photos of the trip to Orlando and Disney on social networks. If you want to know more, see the subject of  how to use your cell phone at will in Orlando.  There is a super cheap American chip that is great, they deliver at your home in Brazil and you use your cell phone at home in Florida for only $ 50.

Tips To Save A Lot On Orlando Parks Tickets

Learn how to save a lot, what tickets to buy, where to buy cheap and all the tips on the subject. Disney and Orlando amusement parks offer worthwhile ticket combos. Using these tips, we ultimately save about $ 200 per person. If you multiply this by the number of people who will travel with you and the dollar, you will see that it really is a good economy.  For those who go in at least three Disney parks, it’s already worth buying the ticket for the four parks instead of three, because the difference is quite small. And the difference to the five days is even smaller (only about 10 dollars), so try to make the most of the number of days, the more days, the cheaper the ticket gets. You’ll only pay about $ 30 more to have two more days of Disney Parks, each park costing about 125 dollars individually. Our tip is to buy at least the 4 days, because you can not miss to know the 4 Disney Orlando theme parks, which are incredible.

Tips on Disney Ticket Types:  When you buy Disney tickets, you will have to choose the number of days and one of three options: Basic, Hopper or Hopper Plus. Basic is to enter a park per day and if you leave it can not enter any more nor in it, the Hopper is to enter and leave as many times as you want in any Disney park, every day, in that amount of days to buy . And Hopper Plus is the ticket that also gives access to both Disney water parks and works like this: If you buy the ticket 3 days and choose this option, you get 3 more days to use with the 2 Disney water parks. If you buy the 2 days with these option, there are 2 days of normal parks plus 2 days of water parks. For an extra $ 80, you get another 4 days of water parks. It ends up being $ 20 per park only, a beautiful economy and you fill your days all with Disney parks.

Now the tip is for the two Universal Orlando theme parks, Universal Studios and the Islands of Adventure, where you have the famous Harry Potter areas. The best selling ticket is called 2 Days Park to Park.This ticket entitles you to two days at these two theme parks, giving access to the Hogwarts train to go from one to the other . There is also a ticket called 3 Park Explore Ticket that for another 25 dollars you can visit for 14 consecutive days the two Universal parks at will and still gain access to the new Volcano Bay Water Park. For just 25 dollars you get another 12 Days of amusement parks and access to Volcano Bay. And for anyone who wants to go to Busch Gardens or SeaWorld Park, the tip is to buy the combo they own. If you buy the combo from the 3 amusement parks of this group (Busch Gardens + SeaWorld + Aquatics) you will only pay $ 30 more than you would have paid by buying only 1 of them individually.

What Is The Best Place To Buy Orlando Tickets

Since tickets are not cheap, we always research a lot when we go there and the cheapest and easiest place to buy tickets is before traveling, with some company accredited here in Brazil. There are companies that have great prices, you do not pay the 6% of IOF because the purchase is made in reais, you can install and already travel with the tickets at hand. We always buy from one of the big Orlando ticket operators here in Brazil that we will pass the site to you to give them a price survey. They are the ones who sell the tickets from the parks to the travel agencies and to the big sites that resell to the people in the end.

If you want to check out, just click here for Orlando Tickets and you will enter their website and you can buy directly for yourself. It is one of the largest tourism companies in Brazil, one of the only ones accredited officially by Disney and it has all the tickets and combos of all the amusement parks of Orlando, Tampa and the whole United States. In our opinion is the best place to buy your tickets. And it’s one of the only ones that installs up to 10 times interest-free on the card.You can choose to receive the tickets by email and within 5 days you will receive all the vouchers and just print and use at the entrance of the theme parks. They have an online chat on the site to clarify the doubts that is very fast and a call center to take questions as well. The value of the tickets are already converted into reais and with all taxes and fees included. When comparing to the value of the tickets on other sites that are in dollar, be sure to consider that on these other sites you still need to place the IOF, taxes and convert by the dollar tourism of the day.

Tips To Enjoy Much More Your Trip To Disney And Orlando

Now that you’ve seen the tips of the 7 attractions and toys at Epcot Disney Park Orlando, here are some more tips that will make your trip to Disney and Orlando even better. Orlando is a big city and its amusement parks and outlets are well laid out so staying well located and close to the major sights makes all the difference. If you have not yet booked your hotel, be sure to check out our  Orlando travel tips, tips on the best regions, and how to get a great hotel for a great price (and find great hotels on sale). You will stay in the best area and enjoy your trip much closer to the parks, malls and outlets.

Even though it is well located, another tip is to make sure you rent a car in Orlando. The outlets, malls, Disney and the amusement parks are not so close, and with the car you get anywhere in less than 20 minutes. And for shopping the car is even more essential. If you want, check out our full Orlando car rental story   with everything you need to know and how to get incredible prices using great price comparators and getting cars on sale . It is much cheaper than people think and it is well worth it to enjoy your holiday even more. To go to the amusement parks just put the name on the GPS, get the car and go whenever you want there, simple and easy.