7 Keys That Could Take Well to HTC

The fall to hell in HTC hard already too long, and it is that the Taiwanese firm has been adding quarter after quarter and year after year in negative capsize between bad reviews to their devices, false self-criticism and a good compendium of promises.

Yesterday we attended the sad confirmation that HTC has suffered the worst bump in stock exchange history, dragged by the tide of negativity that surrounds the company and After living another bad start to the year incarnate in 2015 by an HTC One M9 that has virtually monopolized more than criticism.

Not everything is bad in HTC, however, because the Taiwanese have already shown us that they know to create successful devices to be placed at the forefront of the market, although the decisions taken in recent times may not have been entirely good.

Today surely at the offices of Taoyuan has too many issues on the table, although It is always better to seek the simple, those great small changes that push you to be reborn, and if not ask what is LG in the past two years.

1 Refresh your image

It is the first thing that an average human being does when leave you your partner, and is the first thing you should do a company that like HTC, has suffered setback after setback with the damage that that is your brand image.

A light aesthetic tweak that move the perception is sufficient, no need to spend to call you a CTH so people look at you quizzically, but It is necessary to give a facelift to attract new to a public that already do not trust you.

2 extend the makeover to your devices

The great Albert Einstein said it: “If you are looking for different results do not do the same”. If something can criticize HTC is that, after having found a successful design have tried it to squeeze as if outside the goose that lays the golden eggs, and all know that that does not exist.

Especially in a market as volatile and that moves as fast as the mobile devices, never should you stay quiet, even when the public you cheers and things work you well.

HTC, have shown us that you can do good smartphones, that there is no doubt, but if you could give a return to good design and construction of your terminals would be Grand: less frames and more used the front, four more details and your great design machined aluminium unibody would be perfect.

3 returns the prominence to the multimedia section

What better know do HTC is what worse feelings stopped lately, as the contraevolucion in the multimedia aspects of your devices, looking for perhaps an excessive differentiation, has been blatant.

The HTC One M9 has returned the camera to your site after leaving UltraPixel that sensors have not been a success precisely, but still software work to Polish a specification that has become differentiating this 2015.

Should also highlight something the competition doesn’t, BoomSound stereo speakers placed on the front, as well as a sound quality that it could be improved more with similar agreements to which it had at the time with Beats Audio.

4 take care of all ranges of devices

Obviously, and although the high range is important to position yourself in the market, it is true that the bulk of sales are concentrated in the middle range, where are the terminals compensated at affordable prices.

These devices tend to live designed by high-end, brand image but keeping their prices at Bay, which HTC has neglected too expensive terminals its direct competition.

Recover for the cause a Desire range with good devices at great prices It is essential if you want to return to green numbers, especially because already in the past, devices such as the HTC Wildfire showed they can be a success betting on input range.

5 definitely opens new markets

Not only smartphones living today in the market of mobile devices, either before, because it has always been important to keep a good ecosystem of accessories around the smartphones, but especially now that the wearables are beginning to take off definitively.

Opening up new markets in growth is important to position yourself in them and learn from your own experience. Not need to be an Explorer, but right now the quantifiers and smart watches are mature enough to bet on them.

HTC Grip was already presented in the MWC2015 as the first wearable signature, but for now has not reached the market and seems to be a poor bet while users expect watches as the Huawei Watch.

When a smart watch that concentrate all knowledge make HTC?

6 it innovates to win media coverage

It is sometimes necessary to give a blow at the table so the market respects you, Samsung has done so this year breaking his own moulds with a Galaxy S6 that picked up the fruits of an expected change.

Innovate is expensive and sometimes does not return too, but the general public is aware if you move or not with the news and surprises be able to present.

HTC live virtual reality glasses are a good step forward, as well as the minicamera HTC Re, and here the shots should continue to follow in first-line of fire.

7. the eternal promise: best sells your products

HTC executives recognized him on several occasions, knew that their products were good but I did not know is sell them, or at least weren’t able to communicate the benefits of their devices well.

A change in marketing strategy is more than necessary, but already, with names and surnames, and without making the eternal promise of a boat adrift.

My smartphones are good products, how is it explained to the people? That’s the question that you must answer first of all, but not only that, You must listen to the market to see which says, and if it says that your terminals are too expensive, make effort to lower their prices even if that cost to make plastic housings.

Obviously, neither us nor anyone have the absolute truth of what does HTC to retrieve your credit, but we do know that the least is starting to move in a direction concrete, with a defined strategy and seeking to change things from the first day.

If you want to relive what Phoenix, HTC, not stubbornly keep a wrong or paste erratic turns to straighten a course that is already lost. The first thing to do is sit, stay calm and decide what you want to do next is already the to try to get there.