7 Models Of Dresses

Tattoos give a very special charm to a woman’s body and all should choose models that favor the designs. The most traditional wedding dresses often end up hiding certain details and if you have a beautiful tatoo, you need to choose the right model of the wedding dress! See below 7 very interesting tips that favor tattooed novenas.

1 – Dresses That Will Fall

They are already very common in weddings, because it has a very special charm. Perfect for those who have a tattoo on their arms and / or on their lap, the difference in this case is that you should prioritize the design of your body. Choose a totally flat model to avoid too much information in your look.

2 – Short Dresses

For those who have tattoos on their legs, ankles or feet, the shorter models look great. Give preference to dresses in cut evasé. They value every type of body and have an incredible trim. Of course you can also use fairer models, but they will not highlight your silhouette.

3 – Naked Back

Perfect for those who have tattooed backs. These models can be dropped, with cuffed sleeves or simple handles, like the one below. It is important you are also at ease with the model. They give a greater vulnerability to your body and require a more daring and safe posture.

4 – Single Front Model

Similar to the first, the difference is that you do not need to have your back totally naked. The single front models usually leave only the shoulders free. They are already nominated for nocakes that have a tattoo on their backs and are either too fat or not comfortable in having a dress with their back completely dropped.

5 – Colorful Dresses

It’s okay that white gives that neutrality in the visual, which will go very well with his tattooed body, but daring is part of any fashion trend.

If you really want a model of wedding dress different from everything to complement your beautiful tattoos, opt for something of color, lively and joyful as your personality should be. Remember that, since the model will stand out and escape from the traditional, the idea is that it is as simple as possible. Avoid too many details.

6 – Cement Models

They are best suited for bare brides. The models demand more dresses, in light and unarmed fabrics. To give greater firmness to the piece, opt for a second, firmer cloth. The rents fall very well in this case and will give the refinement that the moment needs.

As the handle models are usually quite simple, as you can see below in the image, you need to know how to work the details well so that it has the exuberance that the moment demands. They also fit perfectly with shorter models.

7 – Models With Transparencies

There are those notions that will not feel comfortable in models of very open dresses, so you can opt for transparencies that look great.

They also bring a certain romanticism to your look and all that your wedding dress needs is to maintain that style. This transparency can also be used with various fabrics or a complete income! Bet on this trend and ruin it.