7 Tricks that Every Woman Needs to Know about Bra

The bra is one of the intimate pieces worn by women.Lingerie ends up being one of her allies on a number of occasions, such as when they are going to choose a costume, and it is no wonder that burning the costume has become a symbol of women’s struggle for years.Well, since the bra is a worn piece, it is necessary for women to know all the tricks to use the piece.

For example, you women who are reading our story, do you know what is the ideal way to choose a bra?Or simply a trick to end the little pig that comes out of the bulge?Yes, they are tricks so we will show in this matter, check:

1 – Choose the right size

Do you know how to choose the right bra size?You can use your hands, just check if your whole fist fits inside the back straps, if it fits, it’s because it’s big.The ideal measure is to fit only two fingers.

2 – End pain in the shoulders

Sometimes staying in straight hours using a bra can cause a rather unbearable pain, but know that there is a solution to it.Protective silicone pads can be a good solution.Place the pads on the handles to relieve the pain.

3 – Also remove the wire coming out of the bulb

All you will need is absorbent and scissors to end the problem frequently.Cut a piece of absorbent and pass it where the wire is coming out.Your problem will be solved.

4 – Tip for the take-that-fall bra that stand firm

Sometimes wearing a take-a-fall bra can be annoying, you have to suspend it all the time, especially on special occasions.If you have a convertible strap, use it to give your bra a firm grip.Leave a buckled strap, thread it through the front and attach it to the other side, just as you are seeing in the photo.

5 – How to Wash Your Sports Top

A good tip is to wash your bra when you go to shower.Because?Well, many of these sports bras lose some of the elasticity when they are washed in the machine, which ends up damaging your bra.So a good tip is to wash in the shower.

6 – Make a swimmer style bra

If you want to wear a sweater-style swimsuit and do not have one and it is an emergency, use a paper clip or fewer paper clips specifically for this.It may not be perfect, but it helps. Here at Bikinirevival.com, you can check more styles of swimsuit.

7 – Keep your bra in the right way and save space

Stop sticking your bras in the drawers and taking up too much space with them, something that happens a lot.Hang them on a hanger and make your life easier.

So, do you know any more tips we can add on our subject?Leave a Reply