8 Tile Adhesives that Go Beyond the Hydraulic Tile Effect

If You Think Tile Adhesives Only Imitate Hydraulic Tiles And Portuguese Tile, A Lot Is Wrong: There Are Options With Drawings Of Owls, Pin Ups And Even Owls

In the United States (and in the world), Andy Warhol popularized Pop Art by portraying idols of popular music and film, such as Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Marlon Brando and Monroe. The kit has 16 stickers with dimensions of 20×20 cm and costs $49.90 in the Extra.

Pin Up

For lovers of the 1940s and for those who want to give a retro touch to the kitchen, these stickers are stamped with various designs of girls pin ups. According to wallstickercollection.com, each kit contains 24 units of 15×15 cm each and costs $79 at the Glue.


If you are a beer fan and want to leave the passion on the kitchen walls, this Dona Cherry sticker is for you: drink glasses, beer mugs and labels. The kit with 16×10 cm units comes out for R $30.


The most famous mouse in the world can also stamp your wall. With the shape of the Mickey and colored squares, this sticker leaves the kitchen much more detached. The set of four stickers of 10×10 cm comes out for R $ 54 in the Paper on the Wall.

Taken Off

These assorted tiles blend textures, graphics, phrases, arabesques and even a funky elephant. With a similar palette, even though it is different from the other, the final effect on the wall is harmonic. The kit with 20 stickers 15×15 cm goes for $59 on Geo Stickers.


Who likes to cook or is a fan of Masterchef will enjoy this sticker: there are mushrooms, cheese, bread, strawberries and, of course, a good pot. The set with 35 units of R $ 15 x R $15 cm leaves for R $ 75.91 in Bem Colar.


How not to love these stickers that turn your tiles into a cat’s paradise? There are several prints that you can choose. The kit with 18 stickers 15×15 cm with lamination leaves for $ 80 in the store of the blog.


The wave of the owls also came to the stickers-these are colorful, and because they have the same background, they give a fun effect to the wall without being loaded. The kit with 24 units of 10X10 cm goes for $49.90 in Decorate the house.