A Greener Summer

This summer, to make the most of our time on this vacation, can make outdoor activities at the same time we are aware of the treatment we give to the environment.

It is important to teach children responsible for energy, as well as of all goods consumption, maximize resources and avoid wasting for promoting a more sustainable life.

Lighting is an important part of the measures to consider in caring for the environment and give a respite to forests, gardens, parks and tree-lined streets. LED technology is that best suits the conditions to “be greener”, due to its great energy savings and durability. To give game, install in your garden HLED-670/3W/30, a recessed stainless steel floor, perfect to spend more time outdoors, even arrival overnight.

An outrigger to be more green while you enjoy your outdoors, such as terrace or around the House, is the luminaire
HLED-105/ACI of stainless steel and transparent screen; Surely you’ll see it in your home and know that you are saving energy resources.

The break at these summer outdoor holidays is given with moments full of joy, good stories, games and dinner with friends set by illuminated nature.

Be greener is now easier for different materials, styles and LED technology.

Takes innovation to your space, learn more about LED technology and its benefits in our site and visit us with our dealers to return your home greener.

We look forward!