A Life Without A Smartphone – Unimaginable?

Yes, there was once: the time before the invention of the smartphone. If you go back a decade, you land even in a time when only a few had a cell phone. I can even remember it.

A Simple Finger Tip Changes Everything

The triumph of smartphones began in 2007, when Steve Jobs, then still Apple boss, introduced the first iPhone. Although there were predecessors already from the middle of the 1990er years, the right breakthrough succeeded only Apple. The iPhone had a completely new operating system, which could only be operated with a touchscreen. The competition moved, Android mobile phones came on the market. And with them, the first apps. A simple fingertip calls software applications that take an ever-greater share of our lives. Today there are millions of them – for the most varied areas.

Not To Be Imagined From Everyday Life

What do not we do today with our smartphones? We organize dates, book flight tickets or exchange with friends. We watch daily, how the weather is, check controversy and check emails. And that’s not all. EBay, Amazon, mobile navigation-the pocket computers in mobile format have much to offer.Particularly smart apps even take over the control of household appliances. Smartphones have long been an integral part of our everyday lives. More specifically, a Forsa survey conducted in 2012 showed that especially young people can not imagine a life without a smartphone. More than half of the male respondents said they could not give up on their phone for less than a week. Among the girls and young women it was even about sixty per cent.

Explore Possibilities, Live Ideas

If I had been asked, I would also have been part of this statistic. In the morning, check the weather, check emails, answer WhatsApp messages from friends and colleagues, check account status-I’ll do it all before work. And every day. In fact, Steve Jobs had visions at the launch of the iPhones:

“Imagine what will be possible.”

And he should be right. No question, even in the future, the smartphone will greatly affect our daily lives.

But How Would Life Be Without A Smartphone?

But what would I do without a single day on my phone? The weather would not be a problem, there is still the television or radio. But the PC up, just to e-mails? Before the smartphones I have done exactly that. In the evening after work-and that has always taken a little bit of the variety. How impractical, if I compare this with today’s possibilities. And the communication with friends and work colleagues via WhatsApp? Asking strangers for the way, instead of simply checking on Google Maps? I think I could do without it hard. We do not want to talk about Facebook.

Somewhere Between Facebook And Reality

And yet there are advocates. They say without a smartphone would life be more relaxed. And more social. There are funny cartoons à la “Do not worry, smartphone is curable”, which show us the weak points of the smartphone dependency. And yes, I sometimes feel caught. Many times the motto “head high” is a good idea. On birthday parties, for example, I find it quite terrible when half of the guests typing on the smartphone or the status messages on Facebook, instead of talking to the seat neighbors to look at. And when driving, the smartphone has nothing to look for the driver. Yes, there is a real life and we should not forget that.

But I could not do without-life would be much more uncomfortable. Much of it would mean a lot more. Probably it is as with all things in life: find the golden middle way.