A New Malware Known as “Godless” Would Be Capable of Infecting 90% of Devices

Android has many good things, but as an operating system created by humans, is far from being perfect. Since it is the most widespread operating system on the planet, it stands to reason that it will capture more attention from those with evil intentions and enough computer skills.

And this is how it was born “Godless”, a malware that It could infect up to 90% of Android devices, an undoubtedly alarming number. According to Trend Micro, this malware has already infected to 850,000 devices worldwide and is located in some apps of Google Play. This malware works in a manner similar to applications to make root.

Godless It would make the process root on the device, and then he would inform the creators. Some of the things that can make this malware is download apps without the user’s knowledge, to make appear malicious ads, and even to spy on users of infected devices.

Some of the applications that contain malware they have already been removed from Google Play, but many of which are “clean” may have malicious clones with the same developer certificate. Such clones are not in Google Play, but the application in question might be updated to their malignant version, so we recommend you to have extra care until there is a final solution.