Acer Liquid E1 in the Practice Test

The dual-SIM Smartphone Acer liquid E1 sort in the test with stereo speakers, DTS sound and sophisticated media player for entertainment.

Acer liquid E1: first impression

Smartphones are not the core business of the computer manufacturer Acer from Taipei. But especially when the software your new smartphone for only $ 199 show liquid the Taiwanese love E1 to detail. They that are practical or just fun.

Software: Flexible interface

That begins with the interface, the Acer with a selection of animated transitions for the home screen up. The quick access keys in the lock screen , you can determine and replace the castle in the ring release with an animation. Both is easily recognizable thanks to the bright 4.5-inch IPS displays also in the Sun.

Who finds favor-backed Android-4.1.1-interface , is, altering the color assignment of the two SIM cards, for example, fit to the providers in red, green or blue – Telekom magenta however is not.

Incoming calls using one of the two telephone numbers are indicated in the chosen color, but is not required to terminate the current app. Instead a pop up with the call information, which you can respond with accepting, rejecting, or with a standard notification to the caller appears.

A video continues to run in the background during this time and can still hold after the pick, or rewind. Only the two speakers right and left on the grippy structured back which can’t keep up with despite DTS sound with the high-profile acoustics of an HTC one can cease.

Multimedia: Wireless transmission

The software is also here strong, among other things due to the support for the wireless transmission of and DLNA compatible device. Second sight visible small weaknesses that are but easily could fix Acer per update.

So, while automatically detects the Player to media sources in the home network and plays the links found on the Smartphone or other DLNA player. This can be for example the TV in the living room.

On the other hand, local, stored on the Smartphone titles are not streamed. You register for an AcerCloud account, disappearing the local title even from the list and can be played only by the Google player also installed – unless it rescinds the link between the Smartphone and the AcerCloud. As cloud player, the app however saves a search after an adequate software on the play store.

Filling is the music library in the cloud only via a PC with your Smartphone can also other files Synchronize. So you can have the photo stream known by Apple with the AcerCloud.

Documents which will replace liquid E1 this cloud or directly with other devices on the same wireless NETWORK; Polaris Office is installed to edit. Direct connections allow box, dropbox and Google Docs download, edit, and also the conversion of documents into PDF format. Everything with the Smartphone.

Dual-core chip, but no NFC

You can not grumble about the speed clocked at 1 GHz Dual-Core Chips . The Wi-FI that sparks E1 liquid fast n standard, on the road, the sister model brings only E2 the faster HSPA + liquid-modem with. During our test not yet operational, in series, but also on board: GPS. In order to take all gadgets, your HDMI output and NFC are missing.

Slightly lean also the memory fails: the built-in 4 gigabytes remain little more than 2. Although, you can get more space with a Micro-SD , but the map is uncomfortable sitting next to the two SIM card under the battery door, which is difficult to remove with its many fixing hooks.

Who wants to save the 1760-mAh-block, can activate an automatic switch-off in the settings of your Smartphone, which at night and in the morning turn on the Acer phone settable days. Unavoidable flaw: in this case the two SIM cards of every morning on the new need to unlocked are.

Threesome Clippers

The camera is after shooting a photo pleasing quickly ready for use; maximum autofocus approved himself a second around the selected object image clearest. You should give the time in any case, even if the object on the screen is not noticeable and in the dark might not even with the naked eye, because the focus, the camera takes the LED light to help.

The environment is illuminated for a short time so that you can focus on the object well. The result of the 5-megapixel cam is OK for spontaneous shots. Only the exposure of the front camera is no longer sufficient in short distance from the window or an appropriate light source.

Acer liquid E1: equipment

+ DLNA compatible + cloud music player in conjunction with AcerCloud + Office with editing functions + stereo speakers + dual-SIM Smartphone + GPS + preiswert-weak front camera of small internal memory no HDMI no NFC

Acer liquid E1: operation

+ bright display + successful software concealed storage compartment is still minor inconsistencies both it software

Acer liquid E1: buy or wait?

For a pleasantly cheap $199 the feature list of the clean processed Acer phones appeals to those that use the connection from PC, Smartphone, and other digital media devices and appreciate.

With two SIM card slots this is interesting E1 liquid Moreover for anyone, who don’t like with two cell phones on the road and for work / life looking for a Smartphone, that here also can entertain as.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 132 x 69 x 10 mm
  • Weight: 133 g
  • Display: 4.5-inch IPS display
  • Processor: 1 GHz dual-core processor
  • Memory: 4 GB internal (freely usable: 2 GB), expandable via MicroSD card
  • Battery: mAh 1760