Air Conditioning Vents Ceiling or Floor

The air conditioning ceiling floor is ideal for commercial areas above 50 m².

What is expected of an air conditioner? It has great cooling capacity and preferably uniform temperature throughout the environment. To rely on these benefits, invest in air conditioning ceiling floor model that can be installed either near the floor and the ceiling. For this feature, the machine can cool the entire room evenly.

It is recommended mainly for commercial areas above 50 m², this version has two units: the evaporator, which is within the environment, and the condenser, installed on the outside. Click here for Bathroom LED Ceiling Lights.

For installation, you should count on the work of a licensed professional, since it is a more robust device. This professional will also assess whether the device should be installed close to the ceiling or the floor. This choice depends in some embodiments, as the space available for the installation and the ceiling structure, for example, supports the weight of the evaporator.

If you need an outfit for the entire year, you can consider purchasing the air conditioner floor ceiling, because the cold and hot models are both available. Equipment already have remote control for you to access the functions of the product at a distance, as on and off and control the temperature.

Choose the ideal device and maintenance

So that your purchase is accurate, the ideal is to know the amount of BTUs (British unit used to measure the cooling capacity of a unit) of the equipment. The account is simple, but further simplifies your life. Learn how to make this calculation.

To ensure longer life of the equipment, you should maintain following the manufacturer’s guidelines. We anticipate that we need to keep the filters always clean. To do so, perform cleaning at least once a month.

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