All of the Benefits of Spinning

The spinning can be the perfect exercise for those who need to lose weight fast. However, be prepared: it will hurt!

All of the Benefits of Spinning

The spinning is an exercise carried out on a fixed bike, with high intensity and with constant variations of pace and positions. It is an excellent solution for those who want fast results in weight loss, to win the physical condition or for anyone who likes to workout very intense. In the club, the fans of this exercise do not stop growing.


Being an exercise of great intensity is very important to confirm, in a consultation with your doctor, if there are no risks to your health. In addition, it is also very important to use a bike for spinning, and adjust the height of the seat in function of your body to prevent injuries in the knees and hips.



  1. During the spinning class is going to change of position many times, as well as speed and weight. This variation is what makes this exercise a great burner of calories.
  2. In a class of one hour, depending on the intensity, women can burn up to 570 calories and men up to 700 calories.
  3. After the first few lessons, you will begin to notice the muscles of the buttocks, legs and abdominal stronger and toned.
  4. With the regular practice of spinning, cholesterol values, blood pressure, and diabetes. Result: you run less risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.
  5. Improvement of the respiratory system. Due to the work to which the lungs are subject during the lessons you will feel improvements on your breathing.


  1. Start by adjusting the bank to the height of your hip. Also note the distance that is on the handlebar, being that the distance should not be greater than the length of your forearm, with the fingers extended. Comply with this and will be free of injury.
  2. If you use cycling equipment, you will notice that your performance will be better. Sneakers cycling have a sole more stiff, so your foot is more protected and makes the force in the right places. And, of course, shorts padded are almost mandatory.
  3. The trick for getting the best results with a spinning class is in the intensity with which makes the lessons. If you are not hurt, if it is not in effort or sweating, it is because you are doing it all wrong.
  4. Although the spinning allows great results, if you do not sleep the number of hours recommended or follow a balanced diet, you will not be able to achieve the desired goals.