Alter Ego Water Filtration Bottle

Filter bottle that potabilise the water to have access to drinking water everywhere and all the time.

Model OFF-PISTE for countries in the NORTHERN Hemisphere
Model Globe Trotter for the countries of the SOUTHERN Hemisphere.

Alter Ego, new BOTTLE FILTRANTE of Aquaovo, to have water everywhere and all the time!

Expand your horizons…

This device of filtration of water and hydration for personal use is designed to accommodate both the urban Explorer and the fond of hiking as the backcountry traveller for whom access to drinking water is a matter of survival.

… and contribute to quench the planet!

The filter flask Alter Ego is part of the Alter Ego project whose goal is to provide sustainable access to drinking water at our alter egos who are in need.
For each product the project Alter Ego sold Aquaovo is committed to provide funding to charitable organizations who work daily to give access to a pure and fresh water to all people in the world who are in need.
Buy more, is to take a greater share in the change!
See the page of the Alter Ego Water Filtration Bottle Project for details in NovoWaterBottles.

Optimal disposal of contaminants

See “Filtration system” to learn more about the Revolve® filter cartridge.

The benefits of the product:
-no metallic aftertaste
-waterproof and easy to clean
-the lower Cap facilitates the intake of water in natural environment
-a functional design that fits all hand sizes
-filtration device is compatible with the majority of commercially available wide neck bottles
-eliminates up to 99.9999% of contaminants found in the water, including bacteria and viruses
-holder of several patents filtration technology, certified ANSI-EPA and in line with the standards NSF 42 and 53
-the filter is recyclable and replaceable
-100% free of BPA or Bisphenol-a.
-filters made in the USA

Technical features:

Material: Copolymer Eastman Tritan™, silicone food
BPA and phthalate-free material
Content: 700 ml
Dimensions: 6 cm * 8 cm * 26 cm
Weight: 200 grams
You have the choice between the off-piste or filter Globe Trotter.
Service life of the cartridge:

For the GlobeTrotter version: 285L
For the off-road version: 750L
The duration varies according to the quality of water. The cartridge hangs at end of life.

Delivery time: usually dispatched within 48 hours maximum.