Amaia Salamanca Black and White Wedding Dresses – Ceremony

Check Out Options Of Black And White Wedding Dresses From Amaia Salamanca And Get Inspired For Your Next Party!

Amaia Salamanca is a young Spanish actress, who recently began her career in soap operas in Spain. In a red carpet event, Amaia Salamanca wore a beautiful black and white party dress with degrading effect, which outlined her curves. So, this party dress is the inspiration for today’s post titled black and white wedding dresses by Amaia Salamanca. Check it out at your next party!

The dress of party of Amaia Salamanca has in the degrade of colors its main detail, leaving the dress sophisticated and nothing common.Degrade is little used, but creates a very beautiful visual effect. The modeling of this party dress is the mermaid, that is, up to the region of the knees and thighs, the modeling is glued to the body and the bar of the skirt is loose, thus, it shows quite the curves.

Tips On Wedding Dresses Black And White!

The specialized online stores do not offer as many choices of black and white wedding dresses as expected, but the options found vary greatly on Weddingsupplychain. The important thing for wedding dresses is that the two colors stand out, because none of them is well seen in weddings when they are alone.

Check out a few options of black and white wedding dresses and get inspired for your next wedding party!

Wedding Dresses Options Black And White


Among the black and white wedding dresses shown here, this is the simplest, ideal for women seeking comfort and simplicity. Her modeling shows only the bust, being loose in the waist and the skirt and, therefore, not marking the fats. Because it is a dress with few details, it allows to use more accessories, especially the modern accessories.


Black and white wedding dresses, like this one, have details in the right measure, being sophisticated dresses that value the body but without excess. Its main highlight is the combination of the white neckline with the golden highlights, highlighting the bust and the neck in detriment of the legs, which are hidden by the loose skirt.


Among the black and white wedding dresses shown in this post, this is the most traditional, ideal for ladies , mainly because the top values ​​the neck due to the neckline V, but does not show the belly, even outlining the waist. Note that because the top has a ruffle and draws attention enough, the skirt is simple and without details, this compensation is important not to let the look over.


Among the black and white wedding gowns of this post, this is the most daring. This is due to the black and white stripes and the glued modeling of this party dress. Thus, this black and white dress  delineates the curves, but the vertical stripes manage to lengthen and refine the silhouette, besides hiding the fat from the side of the body.