Android Applications Already Give More Money Than The IOS, According to Digi-Capital

For a long time, Android had a thorn stuck with its ecosystem of applications: was not sufficiently attractive to developers. Several reports were clear that produce an app for iOS resulted in more benefits that are embarrassing to do it on the platform of Google where true that is sometimes the percentages of piracy. However, according to Digi-Capital This situation has changed.

According to this consultant, Android applications in their entirety already generated more revenue as a whole than the Apple. In the end the difference in market share has been imposed and the money that their creators receive is slightly greater than that perceive those who develop for iOS. That Yes, we must clarify this question because although it’s good news there are a key aspect and that should I be concerned the own Google.

China revenues nearly as large as in Play

As we have said so far, those who have surpassed Apple have been Android applications in their entirety and this means that we must go beyond Google Play. The official Android platform gives lots of money but we have closely the Chinese platforms which, overall, have a very similar piece to the store of apps that we use regularly. Here is where everything starts to complicate for Google.

The good news for Android as a platform is that in China, despite good sales of the iPhone, they have long reef and manufacturers are turning to them. A positive reception for companies that see as the market grows, but also bad news for Google that looks like a platform that can not only make profitable grows. Meanwhile, are others who occupy that role and get revenue from the sale of applications or payments within the same.

The situation of Google in China is complicated since its services are censored. So much so that all phones that are sold there make it without the integration of its services: GMail, Calendar, Hangouts… Local companies like Sina Weibo occupy that place for example. In short: Android grows as a platform, but Google is not controlling the situation as you would like.

At least in the West it seems that the thing is improving and a DAU-UP report, I said the games on Android already approaching the iOS-like profit margins. China is another story and taking into account that the likelihood of that situation changing are scarce, Google will have to console themselves to see how his creature grows beyond its control.