Android or as Is Seen in His Preview for Developers: These Are The Novelties

About a year ago started to reveal the path of what was then Android N in the form of ‘developer preview’ where they showed us some of the features that we use many today. As it was to be expected at this stage, is starting to happen the same with Android or, still without a name.

Unlike last year, which was released through the channel of betas for Android, but this time not happen. Instead, developers who want to do with the first ‘developer preview’ you will need to download it and Flash it by hand If you have a Nexus 5 X, 6 p Nexus, Nexus Player, Google Pixel, Pixel XL or Pixel C.

Google has launched the first ‘developer preview’ of Android or, whose developers will have to download and Flash hand

According to a spokesman for Google to Techcrunch, this time wanted to focus on giving developers time for test compatibility with devices, explore the new features and send ‘feedback’ necessary to make Android or a great platform.

As first ‘preview’, innovations are not too many, so here we should not expect a large amount of changes. At least for these first steps of Android or, Google is focusing on making changes to some of the main functions, which we will mention below.


As for notifications, Google would be by adding a feature called notification channels, which would give developers the ability to join different groups of notifications into groups. An example would be the applications of news, where you could make a group of notifications for news of technology, another for sports, etc..

Picture in the picture (Picture in picture)

Basically the video of Android app It would do the same as the YouTube when you give the back button. I.e., the videos that you’re playing could put in a small window and allow to continue running even if you launch another application.

Multi-screen support

This is one of the new features that we could see both new devices Android and Chrome OS. This would allow developers start new activities on a remote screen.

Keyboard navigation

This feature would be dedicated to the arrival of Android applications to Chrome OS, and allow developers to add support to improve navigation using the keys dates by different applications and tabs of each.

Limits in the background

Android or you want to follow the evolution in terms of improving the autonomy of our phones, and this time they want to work in limit the number of processes that can be performed an application in the background. For developers this may be one of the great features that could give more work.

New Wi-Fi features

Android or could be adding support for new features of connectivity, and one of the functions that could be added in a future version would be NAN (Neighborhood Aware Networking), that he would do that two devices can talk to one another without using an intermediate point to the internet. Google, for its part, would be working with some partners to support NAN devices as soon as possible.

Improves calls applications

This features It would be more interesting for operators than for users. The improvement in question would focus on that developers could build a user interface for the applicationNES of call that can be controlled and monitored via a device with screen, which you can have in any car.

These are some of the most important, but There are several additional features that developers will have to try Preview after preview. The final version will see her, if you follow the path of Nougat, during the month of October, but meanwhile, we will keep you informed of every novelty about Android or.