Android or Sample Contextual Actions in Its Text Selector

We are still discovering new developments in Android or. This time has to do with the text selector, that already you settle for no show actions for cut, copy, paste, translate, or search. It will now display new contextual actions.

Now * depending on the text by selecting a specific contextual action will leave us. If you select a phone will appear to us the action of this call. If you select an address will appear to us the action to open that location with Google Maps. If you select a link will appear to us the option to open the web from the browser. If you select an email address we will be shown the option to send a message with your email client.

In this way, Android or It would be much smarter, saving us having to copy texts from phones, addresses, pages websites and email accounts to open them in their respective applications.

This is one of those features that was rumored a few weeks ago until Google confirm this new version of Android. According to rumors or Android would also press in texts from phones, addresses and emails to open them with their respective application as is the case with Chrome.