Apple Has Purchased Their Own Forest!

Apple gets even more environmentally friendly – with their own forest!

Apple is environmentally friendly

Apple is collaborating with a non-profit organization to do something unique and good for the Earth. They buy forest, which will be used to produce Apple’s packaging in a sustainable way.

“A step towards the forest’s long-term economic well-being”

How to describe Daniel Brindisi, senior forest campaign Director of Greenpeace, the organization which collaborates with Apple, about the way Apple will treat the wood on. That is the way talk about 14568.84 hectares of forest, and this model is called “working forest”.

Brindisi tells that it is in any case better than chopping down the forest, but that this does not mean that “working forests” is a miracle cure. Although it is first and foremost the Apple that will use the pulp, they get from the forest, will other companies also could buy it from them.

Apple has not disclosed how much material they use for their packaging, but they sell the hundreds of million iOS devices worldwide. View pickture for profiles of

Apple is certainly one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to technology, so this could be a good example for the other major manufacturers.

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