Apple Introduces The Intelligent Clock Company, Apple Watch

During the traditional One more thing (or “something else”, in Portuguese), the launch event of the new iPhone, this Tuesday (9/9), Tim Cook showed the long-awaited smart clock company, called Apple Watch. “The Apple Watch is the most personal device we’ve ever created,” said the CEO of the company. With a screen of retina fusional, laminated with Sapphire Crystal–material stronger than diamond, the watch displays processor S1, four LED sensors, gyro and accelerometer. The device will sell for $349 and is available in 2015.

To introduce it, Tim revealed certain difficulties, as the pincer movement with your fingers to zoom on the screen. To address this, used the wheel side of the clock in order to perform this function.

The clock has almost all functions of the smartphone, including speech Assistant Siri will also be available, so it is possible to search by voice or write texts. Smartphone notifications will be displayed on the clock. Calendar events can be accepted or not also by means of the wearable device.

Short answers to messages can be given directly to the appliance. The photos can be enlarged, but it is not possible to capture images with the appliance. Another feature is the map, which allows you to create paths and see them on the wrist. An interesting function, but not very useful, is the ability to send drawings made on the screen or even their heartbeats per message.

It will be also possible that developers create applications for the clock, through a software called WatchKit. During the presentation, the company showed the Twitter application, of American Airlines, that displayed the flight schedule, and Starwood Hotels, which allows you to open the bedroom door only closing the device.

Focused on the fitness, Tim Cook has shown an application for the clock. It monitors the activity and movement and assists in the exercises. Through him, you can check how many calories were spent and will send messages to motivate you to continue on physical activity.

There are six types of bracelets, in materials such as leather, metal and aluminium. The appearance can be fully customized. The clock will work with the iPhone from version 5.