Apple Presents The Ipad Air 2&Ipad Mini 3 With Fingerprint Scanner

Apple will present evening within the framework of the autumn events, including two new versions of the tablet series. The innovations keep here however, are at least of the design, within limits.

Nevertheless, opts for Apple mini according to latest findings in the iTunes software for the iPad air 2 and the retina iPad 3 each integrating the fingerprint scanner. With this measure, Apple has continuously unifies the fingerprint technology, called also touch-ID, mobile devices.

Apple Presented New Products

From 19 CET, Apple will today open a new presentation in the headquarters in Cupertino. At the end of the year, while other product updates and the final release of OS are X Yosemite on the program plan. Will focus on the presentation of the new iPad generations in today’s event. The Apple iPad mini 3 to include a faster processor and equipped with touch ID are. Similar is also the new features for the popular iPad air behave 2 tablet. With the integration of touch ID put Apple in terms of safety. So, the devices can be additionally protected with the fingerprint of the user. It is debatable whether Apple used the NFC technology on the upcoming iPad models. Finally, it is conceivable that with the iPad air 2 or the iPad mini 3 anytime using Apple Pay could be cashless paid.

In addition to the new iPad models, Apple is likely to include a new iMac with retina display and introduce a diagonal of 27 inches. In the rumor mill, a smaller iMac Frolics model, which should present Apple only in the next year also. This is an iMac with a screen diagonal of 21 inches.According to well-informed sources, there will be evening but today no new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air updates. So far, waiting for some fans that that Apple finally released an MacBook Air with the high-resolution retina display.

Apple Presentation Livestream For Windows And Mac Users

The live stream to the Apple Keynote starts at 19 h CET. Interested parties who have iPod touch, Mac, or Apple TV, via an iPhone, iPad can follow the keynote without problems among others on the Event page . 5.1.10 is assumed according to Apple Safari or later and at least OS X v10. 6.8 for the Mac and Safari from iOS 6.0 when the mobile devices. Who wants to watch the keynote on the Apple TV, which requires at least the software version Apple TV 6.2. Windows users have left again. Apple excludes those that would follow the event via a PC. Unfortunately, the must take detours in purchase who would like to see the Apple presentation on Windows. There are some instructions on the Internet do this.

That, among other things, the installation of VLC media player is recommended. You must make then accordingly fit these for the keynote live stream. To open the ‘Media’ menu item and click on network “stream” there you then inserts the path “our site. If the whole of again will work is not all the way out. Should there be more opportunities, we will inform you in knowledge.

Iphone 6 And Apple Watch Presentation

On the 9th September 2014, Apple last introduced the new iPhone 6 models and the Apple Watch.While the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus already provide for solid sales figures, can be the new Apple Smartwatch is still waiting. In early 2015, the Apple Watch in the trade to come and be available to 350 euro on To get a sneak peek at tonight, we now recommend you views of the video together cut of the last Apple Keynote.