Apps of the User Will be Able to Log in to Other Google Services

Today most of the services Google depends on login, which is usually done with an (or any other linked to a Google Account, but the most common is to create just one Gmail and use for this). A change in the company’s infrastructure, however, will allow users of Google Apps start to access these services. Surely this is a move that will make life easier for many people.

E-mail, Calendar, Docs, forum … These are some of the few features that Google currently offers for those who have a Google Apps account. This service, offered to companies and organizations of all sizes, aid in productivity and allow save enough. With the change, however, the situation gets even better: you will be able to access all Google services that depend on an account.

For example, log in to Orkut with your business email? It will be possible. Upload photos to Picasa? Also. Storing data in Google Earth? Of course! These services were previously released only to those who had a traditional Google Account.

Just do not think that, from one moment to another, you will have access to all this. Each Google Apps administrator can define which services will be available to its users. If your boss does not like Orkut, you can block the social network without any work. The choice of privileges in the use of Google products can be defined by user groups, inclusive.

The migration from the old to the new Google Apps Google Apps will be made over the coming months. Companies that want to accelerate the next have the option to go to the Apps control panel and accept the change immediately.

Who should not have liked the novelty is the Redmond staff.