Arrested For Assault In Mall Wore Ankle Bracelet

The police reviewed security images to identify an assailant who participated in a robbery at a store in a Mall of Cuiabá, last Wednesday (17). He would have involvement with another similar crime occurred also in the capital, had gotten out of prison there was little time and was monitored by electronic anklet.

The images show a man, who was holding a helmet, entering the jewelry store at the ezinesports. Already on the counter, he asks for a budget and get out. Then comes another man. With a gun pointed at the staff, he announces the assault. And after hitting a saleswoman.

The Bandit get the jewels and runs away. But he and two other suspects are covered on the outside by the mall’s security team. Two were released by the police, but one was arrested-what was monitored by electronic anklet.

According to the Deputy, the images and the testimony full of contradictions confirmed his involvement in the criminal action.

“Another indication that led to your participation was the scent to be on site and, soon after your prison, he didn’t have any information on your mobile device. He was without a contact without an image. He formatted that phone at that moment that he couldn’t get out from inside the Mall on the grounds of him being with a motorcycle but don’t have the parking voucher, “said Deputy Orange Jannira.

The inmate is also suspected of having participated in a jewelry robbery in an apartment in the millionaire of Cuiabá, in January this year. At the time, he had the prison revoked and answered to the process in freedom.

“He is possessed of an extensive criminal record. He’s been arrested for this specialized practice of theft police station, including jewelry. He robbed a jewelry saleswoman. The injury was more than R $1 million. So he, like checks, just came out’atornozelado’and is there on the same sheet crimes, “said the delegate.

This was the second time that the Mall was the target of crooks in this year. In April, two men robbed a restaurant. One of them was arrested, but the other managed to escape.