Artdeco Pure elements – The Mineral Trendlook

Hello my dears! What a dream weather this Saturday. This almost compensates for the cold weather of the last days, which reminded more of autumn than of spring. Before I go out into the sun, I would like to introduce you to three products from the limited Artdeco Pure Elements collection. This includes a baked rouge, four baked eyeshadows, two lipsticks, a foundation and two eyeliner (a review you can find on the Artdeco homepage). The collection has been available since the middle of Apil and is intended to conjure freshness into the face.

This Is What Artdeco Says:

“Inspired by the fresh trend colors of spring
fashion, ARTDECO presents the new collection”Pure Elements-the Mineral
Trendlook”. The Pure Minerals products contain precious minerals that are true
beauty miracles. Thanks to the precious mineral complex, the products pamper
your skin with the unique power of nature. The products of the collection
are particularly skin-friendly and completely free of paraben, perfume and
mineral oil.”

Pure Moisture Lipstick 192 “Pure Rosy Diamond”

The lipstick contains a moisturizing hyaluron complex and is to fill wrinkles from the inside.Carotene derived from carrot oil is said to improve the elasticity of the skin. The lipstick is paraben, silicone oil, perfume and mineral oil free and thus also suitable for sensitive lips. It also contains a protective UV filter. I particularly like the high-quality metal packaging with its simple, clear design.

Content & Price: 4g for 12,80 €

Color: As the name “pure rosy diamond” suggests, it is a beautiful, natural Roséton. The color is not too bright, but contains well visible, silver glitter particles. This is certainly taste, I like the color but very good as it conjures a certain freshness in my face and harmonizes well with my complexion and my hair color. So we would be with the promised spring freshness By the glimmer/glitter the lips are more voluminous.

Order and feel- good: The lipstick is creamy and slips well over the lips. The wearing feeling is very light and the lips feel well-groomed. Unfortunately, the lipstick emphasizes something my dry scales on the lips.

Durability: The durability I find absolutely in order. With such a creamy texture you have to go back after eating. The lipstick fades but evenly, so that is not a problem for me. There is nothing worse than when the lipstick dissolves unevenly and becomes stained!

Mineral Baked Blusher 15 “Golden Rose Quartz”

It was clear that I absolutely had the baked rouge had! Even the look with the golden veins is beautiful! At the first glance, the jar seems a bit small, hardly larger than an eyeshadow. But you already know this from other baked rouches like Alverde. As the pigmentation is very good, the Mineral Baked Blusher from Artdeco is sure to last forever.

Content & Price: 3g for 10,80 €

Color: Again, the name is “golden rose quartz”, because the rouge contains a fine gold shimmer.The color comes in the pans somewhat darker and rosenholzlastiger over than geswatcht and applied. I would describe the color rather as peachy rose, which leaves on the cheeks a great, silky shimmer.

Order and durability: The texture is wonderfully fine and silky. One should not stir too much in the pancake, since otherwise it crumbles. But this is not necessary with the good pigmentation of the baked rouge. Briefly brush with the brush and blind on the cheeks. One can build the color very well and thus the intensity vary.

Mineral Baked Eyeshadow 197 “Rose Quartz”

I have chosen the Mineral Baked Eyeshadow “rose quartz”, which looks very different in color, despite the related name, as the Mineral Baked Blusher. But also the marbled look is very nice.The bright pink is traced with violet veins, but because of the similar color, of course, are not quite as striking. The eyeshadow is free of mineral oil, perfume and is therefore also suitable for sensitive eyes.

Content & Price: 1g for 9,50 €

Color: It is a very bright pink with silver shimmer / glitter. One needs a base in any case, so that the color comes into its own.

Order and durability: The color shimmers beautifully on the eyes
and can be easily blinded. Overall the most unspectacular
product from my selection. Since a base is required in any case, the durability is correspondingly good. The eyeshadow keeps the whole day without slipping into the eyelid fold.

In conclusion, I still have a Swatch image of all three products for you. And since you wanted a last time a Tragebild, I tried to capture the products also in the worn state. The beautiful glimmer of the Rouge comes unfortunately not so good, the overall blush comes a bit too discreet, although I had applied extra thicker

My Conclusion

My personal highlight is the baked rouge”golden rose quartz”. Everything fits perfectly: silky texture, great application and good durability. Clear purchase recommendation, especially for fans of baked rouge! I also like the lipstick “pure rosy diamond” because it makes the lips look fresh and voluminous and at the same time maintains something. I find the most unspectacular of the mineral baked eyeshadow “rose quartz”, because the bright pink is very discreet and you need a base. Here I should have chosen a different color. Overall, I give the three products so 3 out of 4 suns, whereby I take off a sun because of the eyeshadow, which did not quite meet my expectations.