Ask Manolo: What Should I Wear to the Chinos?

Hi Manolo, I came home with a couple of really nice black chinos (hope) from this weekend’s shopping round. I really think much about them, but don’t know what I’m going to have to. It is difficult to match the color on the one hand, and, on the other hand style. White looks schackbrädigt out, black looks boring out, other colors don’t look right. Shirt feels much too uppklätt, t-shirt looks most like engineering student.

Please help!

To begin with, I think that chinos are a very versatile piece of clothing that can be combined to a lot. It all depends on the style you want. Classical so count chinos as a summer garment and as a garment that is more formal than jeans, but certainly not as formal as the suit pants. This is not to say that you usually combine their chinos with shirt, tie and suit. Of course, there will be inevitably a rather preppy look. My first thought goes to a promotional image from Ralph Lauren. At the finer universities in the United States, many students dressed in blazer, shirt, striped tie, deck shoes and chinos.

When we talk about the chinos, you think mostly of the yellow-beige-brown colour. It was the first chinosen looked. It is said that a major for an English Regiment in India came up with the brilliant idea to dye the soldiers ‘ white uniforms with a mixture of coffee, curry powder and mullbärssaft. Everything to try to camouflage the ever-present dust. The result was the dusty khakifärgen.

Chinos are-as well as many other classics-evolved and updated over the years. There are now lots of different colors and font styles.

You have just purchased a pair of black chinos. Now it is quite difficult for me to say what your style, but you said you didn’t want t-shirt or shirt. Spontaneously, I think of a thin merinoulltröja in grey. Maybe with a shirt underneath. It may well be light blue. Then it will be pretty neat but still relaxed and in and with the darker colors pulls you down on the U.S. preppykänslan also. In spring and summer it is great with a pair of sneakers. Now for the spring and summer, I think that you should dare to drop it where the boycott of t-shirts and shirts to chinos. An unbuttoned shirt, or a really neat t-shirt in combination with your chinos will be really neat forward our edge.

In the top picture you see chinos from Make your own jeans where you for 45 dollars, a pair of chinos exactly according to your own measure.

At the bottom you see a pair of chinos from H & M, they cost 298 SEK.

I would also like to tell about those from Filippa K, which we recently wrote about this.