Astor Quick & Shine Nail Polish In The Test

Diana gave me a few Astor nail polish from the Astor Quick & Shine series to try out. The pastel colors I like really well and also beautifully in the spring. Since it is my first paints from Astor, it was of course interesting to test whether the paints also hold everything they promise.

Astor Nail Polishes: Quick & Shine

The tested paints in the picture from left to right:

613 Shop Till You Drop

609 Slash Of The Ocean

608 Make Everyday Special

607 Hug Someone

I just applied them all the same, especially since they also fit together well and why not combine several colors.

The paints should dry very quickly (45 sec.) And cover the first layer already enough. Only 1 order for a high gloss finish is on the back.

With such promises, I am already skeptical from the outset. Most varnishes require 2 layers and in the rarest cases there is sometimes a varnish that really covers in just one layer already enough.

Astor Quick & Shine Nail Polish: The Order

The first layer was quite disappointing as expected based on The paint dries as promised really very fast, but the opacity is rather below average. With a layer comes just so a touch of color on the nails, which one can not denote in any case as covering. I did not apply the varnish even thin, but in a normal thickness for me.

The second layer looks better there, but it was still a bit patchy.

In the end, I applied 3 layers to achieve a sufficient covering power for me. Perhaps it is synonymous with two already, however, I would then recommend the paint from the start already a little thicker. Presumably, however, the thicker lacquer layer then also needs to be dried for a longer time.

After the third lacquer layer I applied a topcoat.

My Conclusion To The Astor Quick & Shine Nail Polish

The opacity left something to be desired. If a layer is promised, but then I need three for a sufficient covering power, this is definitely too much.

The brush is relatively wide, which I personally not quite as good, but this is taste.

The drying time is very good, the paint is really dry. At least, if you do not apply it overly thickly, which one would have but to achieve with a few layers already a higher covering power.

The finish is fine, but for me it does not matter, since I always order a topcoat anyway.

I had the paints whole two days on the nails. After one day I had already at the index finger and thumb tips, in the further course of the day are also other corners. Thus, Shop Till You Drop in the durability has already quite failed after a day. All the other varnishes left the two days undamaged.

Overall, the paints do not convince me one hundred percent. The opacity is always a very important, if not the most important, point for me. Since it is with me often not in the single-color varnish, but often still a design drauf comes, is the effort with three layers too much.

However, I find the colors in themselves very pretty and also perfect spring-like. If Shop Till You Drop were not chipped, I would have worn the paints for a day or two longer.