ASUS Maintains High Expectations Despite a Little Promising Start in 2015

Many manufacturers have grown on the crest of the wave of a market as smartphones which did not stop adding positive numbers. However, the catalogue of smartphones Android is has saturated too fast and some as ASUS have failed to react in time.

In fact, Asus is no unknown in Europe, although the Taiwanese have been after success with their convertible devices How were they losing prominence gradually with a few smartphones that do not convince the European public.

ASUS wants to regain the lost ground, and so is presenting a few Asus Zenfone 2 who should return to the Taiwanese firm in orbit, even despite not to attack the high range with a pointer device in the style of his former Padfone.

The Asus is give a bombshell with a smartphone’s price It stands out with its 4 GB of RAM, and it approached the public’s final form.

Is for this reason that the Taiwanese kept by high expectations, because Jerry Shen – CEO of the company – has stated that they are still maintaining a goal of 25 million smartphones sold During 2015, despite having started the year quite hesitant way.

They will not have it easy, with just under 8 million phones sold in the first half of the year and the problems of supply of 4 GB memory RAM modules will have to put 15 million terminals in the second half.

We will have to wait for results to assess the commitment of Asus as successful or risky, and although Zenfone 2 is quite appealing, the fact is that 25 million smartphones is a very high figure for a small catalog.