Asymmetrical Skirts-Trendy Inclination

For flutters, oblique ideas and “crooked things” no one will look wrong this season! In the summer of 2015, fashionable slantings are not only allowed, but also welcome: asymmetrical skirts meet us not only on the catwalks of the large modem turquies, but also manage the balancing act between casual and elegant in urban areas!

How facetious skirts in asymmetrical shape are coming out this summer and how they are best styled can be seen in this blog post.

Sometimes asymmetrical skirts present themselves as graphic-minimalist all-connoisseurs, sometimes in architectural rigor. But also opulent wrinkle experiments or romantic multi-layered, flounces or zip-skirts play our legs away from the usual fringe normality. Textile beds can look more than this summer!

Very Slanting: As Diverse Are Asymmetrical Skirts

Summer time=rock time. Nothing is more beautiful than a fluttering skirt, which gives our legs a lot of light and air! On warm days, tight trouser legs can remain safely in the closet – we prefer slanting skirt skirts this season! In addition to the “usual suspects” such as mini, midi or maxiröcken, which prove to be reliable styling partners on hot days, this summer, especially asymmetrical skirts are given to our hearts!

Their trademark: slanting seams, crooked edges and balanced unevenness in length. They bring exciting breaks into outfits, which can be both straightforward, sometimes playful. By the way, asymmetrical skirts are true figure-flatterers, because they play the silhouette and are even able to distract skillfully from small problem zones!

We are delighted that Rock cuts will not only be classic this summer, but also allow us a lot of styling room in a trendy slant position! Here come the coolest asymmetrical skirts of the season:

Graphical&puristic: Asymmetrical cuts are perfect for solid, dimensionally stable materials such as leather, denim, stiff synthetic fibers or cotton qualities. In order to keep asymmetrical skirts in summer despite the relative weight of the materials, slits or shortened inserts are used.Folding and draping support the architectural form language.

Flattery & airy: Soft flowing materials such as silk, chiffon or cotton are transformed into feminine-romantic asymmetry-often multi-layered-into summery rock dreams. Where classic skirts look a bit girlish, asymmetrical seams also miss an adult facelift even with airy skirts!Sexy leg slippers are popular with flapping asymmetric skirts in midi or maxi-length!

Elegant & eye-catching: Changing materials, sequins or metallic luster ensure exquisite hopping potential for asymmetrical skirts on AnyCountyPrivateSchools!-perfect for celebrations or to go out!

Wear Asymmatic Skirts-So The Trendy Slantings Are Styled

Asymmetrical skirts could be seen on almost all of the catwalks of the spring/summer season 2015. Especially exciting: The color and material mix, which makes the new skirts even more versatile. We have summarized the most important trends and styling rules for asymmetrical skirts:

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Front short, rear long: airy and sexy skirts the leg in the summer “VoKuHiLa”-variante.

Sportswear cuts of solid fabric qualities, such as jersey or nylon in combination with mesh or chiffon, combine casual elegance with feminine elegance.

Asymmetrical skirts in a fashionable midi length with slots or inserts made of lightweight materials provide enough air for the leg.

Boho elegance meets Gipsy romance: Folkloristic asymmetrical skirts with ethno prints, but also Asian minimalism or African wrap-like winding elements can be found.

Hot trend favorites: Asymmetrical skirts in the material, color or pattern mix, eg neon shades to nuances, sequins, embroidery, metallic luster or opulent fabrics like brocade and silk to quieter, simpler fabric qualities.

Asymmetry yes, freedom of movement no: For the office or very solemn occasions the skirt should reach at least to the knee. Through slits or inserts made of transparent material, many looks nevertheless play with feminine sex appeal.

For a classic-elegant look blouse, top or sweater wear to the striking asymmetrical skirt.

In combination with trendy Oversize tops or crop tops, asymmetrical skirts look ultramodern.

In general, the more striking and experimental the rock cut, the quieter the outfit should remain at the top. With jewelery (such as a statement chain), it is possible to set an accent. Bold, asymmetrical skirts in a skilfully patterned and material mix-staying in a color world is a safe bench. Flowing fabrics to solid qualities, screaming colors to non-colors or quiet basics-Contrasts make asymmetric rock looks particularly exciting!